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  1. Hi dear Sorry for the delay. I recently shipped items to the UK and it was about $35-40 US dollars so around 25GBP.
  2. HI Ladies, Congratulations to all of you! I know this is an exciting time I was married at Azul Sensatori two years ago and I still fall in love every time I look at my pictures lol I decided to jump back on BDW bc I am cleaning out my house and still have a bunch of wedding stuff to get rid of... If anyone happens to be interested in chair sashes, maracas, etc. check out the link (free shipping!!) http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/83880/hot-pink-chair-bows-table-overlays-and-maracas-for-sale-free-shipping http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/83881/natural-touch-orchid-boutonniere-and-cake-cutting-set-for-sale-free-shipping I also wanted to post a a link to my wedding pictures of the resort and a TTD session for future brides Also there's a seven minute highlight video link, I think it's in my signature. It'll capture a bit better the set up and view of the resort.. a little. Wedding: http://vidacarson.com/blog/?p=1188 TTD day after session: http://vidacarson.com/blog/?p=1259 I'll be hanging around the site for the next few weeks trying to get rid of stuff so feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Congrats again ladies and Happy Planning!!!
  3. I also have a natural touch orchid boutonniere $8 and a cake cutting set $10
  4. Hi Ladies I am selling a few items left over from my wedding:) Everything must Go I have about 63 chair sashes and 8 or 9 table overlays (they are organza)...the sashes are the same color as the overlays ... I'm selling all the sashes for $35 (or .60 a piece) and each overlay for $3 a piece I'm also selling the pink feathered pen for $8 Everything is in excellent condition, they have been cleaned and neatly folded since my wedding.
  5. Hi! My mother in law is a travel agent and we used her to negotiate rates
  6. We had our BBQ the night before the wedding as a welcome party for all of our guest...the picture frames said "Here we are at age..." and the table number of that age was in the middle with a picture of my husband and I at that age... here's a close up =)
  7. LOLOL I'll be honest my husband did more planning and preparing for my wedding than i did LOLOL he did our programs, menu cards, created and ordered all the decorations LOLOL I guess thats why I can say wedding planning was a breeze LOLOL I didn't do anything LOLOLOL
  8. Oooh Also...there were a few of you who were wondering about the BBQ set up at yoga palapa here's a picture below...I also attached a picture of our reception set up at the plaza and our table centerpieces ...it was nothing fancy my husband made the bouquets LOL...I'm going to upload and entire album shortly so you new brides can get a better glimpse of the resort =)
  9. Hi Ladies, I'm very excited my wedding was featured in a bridal blog in the UK...Check it out=) http://www.brideofcolour.co.uk/2011/01/real-wedding-shalon-and-darwins-destination-mexico-wedding/
  10. If you rent the Lomas speakers you will be fine...the music was very loud and all of our speeches were heard loud and clear =) no worries
  11. LOL Wow yea well like I said know you're crowd lololol anyway ...I didnt realize that you havent booked and are still deciding...are you only interested in all-inclusive? The reason why I ask is because I remember when I was looking and the 100+ ppl was an issue for me there were a few other hotels that had beautiful venues for large parties and for w/e reason there werent outside vendor fees ...meaning you had the ability to really create the wedding you wanted and use outside furniture, decorations, flowers and props that were not exclusive to that hotel. I think the few that were my tops were Le Meridian, JW Marriott, and The Ritz. The ppl at Le Meridian were very very nice and were totally willing to negotiate with lots of things... I don't think they will allow you to have a cocktail hour on top of the terrace due to some type of emergency hazard...when we asked about this in a nutshell they said its too dangerous to have drunk ppl on top of a roof :/ BUT YOu should still ask =) Quote: Originally Posted by SChica927 Thanks everyone for the comments on the size of our party. We're actually sending out invitations to 500+ people -- hence the reason for the destination wedding to begin with! I didn't want too huge of a guestlist so keeping the wedding at home wasn't ideal for me. We are both Indian and we operate where invitations go out to our communities... and my fiance has a HUGE family all of which have been wanting to do a family vacay for a while (and all of which have their passports and all)... plus our bridal party is 22 people... so I'm pretty sure a lot of the friends are coming too. We also went through our guest list and identified who the most-likely people were to come, and came up with a little more than 200, so realistically, I'm thinking 150 will come. Anyway, so it sounds like the only ceremony/reception sites that you think would accomodate a group this big are the beach & ballroom right? Do you think if we do a standing cocktail hour, we'd be able to use the sky terrace?! I love that place!! Thanks again for all the reality checks!
  12. ONe more thing I would say is that you have to KNOW your crowd. I knew that my side of the family were not huge on traveling outside of the country. Having them come to my wedding not only involved them getting to Mexico but also obtaining a passport (an additional expense)...Even with this they all said that they were coming and were excited (AND Im pretty close to all of my family)...On my wedding day out of a party of 63 ppl only 8 were there from my family/friends (three of whom I paid for to be there) :/ My husband's family goes on at least two big family vacations a year with about 50-60 ppl...his family is even larger than mines and all of them were hell bent on coming but at the end still were unable to make the sacrifice. I don't want to discourage anybody but the thing that really kept me from stressing out and not enjoying my wedding planning process was to NOT HAVE TOO MANY EXPECTATIONS...this way I wasn't so disappointed when things weren't going the way I wanted them too or ppl dropped out on me, etc. I was a very relaxed laid back bride and everything turned out amazing! So just relax, understand and EXPECT some individuals that you were positive would be there to probably say that they won't... My advice- I think if you expecting a huge turn out 85-90ppl is a good place to budget....but once you're first deposit is in you'll have a better idea of where you will be anyway so just wait it out a bit...When you're in the beginning stages don't worry yourself too much about this issue bc so many things will change by the time you get to your big day.
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