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  1. Does anyone else have pictures they can post??
  2. 2 weeks till I leave for the Bahamas!! I'm so excited..... any last minutes suggestions????
  3. I'm trying to think of music to play at the ceremony and does anyone have any ideas?? Â
  4. I'm trying to think of music to play at the ceremony and does anyone have any ideas?? Â
  5. Welcome and congrats! I have 50 days till my wedding! I just thought I would update my status of where I'm at in my planning process. India is my coordinator and I'm not overly impressed with her but its ok. It takes a couple days for her to respond and I just don't feel like I'm as far as I should be with 50 days left. I will stay that I did change to an a la crate because I wasn't going to use half the stuff that was included in the package. I am taking my own photographer. I saved alot of money because my photographer isn't charging me for a package, I'm just paying for his flights and room. I am splitting my food & beverage min over two meals. I rented a boat for the first meal.... we will see how that goes. I am using Full House Floral. I feel I was ordered more for a lesser prices the another quote I got. Everyone was very friendly. Classadiva - what did you put in your welcome bags? I bought beach bags but I don't know what to put in them. I haven't done the cake yet. Did someone say you can get a cake from somewhere else?? Thanks all I have so far.
  6. I'm trying to decided between Wildflowers and Full House Flowers!!! I'm having a really hard time picking one so I wanted to see if anyone had an opinon that wanted to share.
  7. I know a couple people said who they had as an officient but I wanted to see if anyone had an update. I'm trying to fine someone that will do a sand ceremony because my fiancee has two kids we want to include. So I was just wanting some suggestions and see what your experience was.
  8. If anyone won't mind, could you post a couple pictures of your flowers that you had at your wedding/receptions? I know they have tons of pictures on their websites but you know they are just the pictures of their best work. How did you guys pack your wedding dress.... I have a full sized dress so it will probably fit in one of my suit cases! HA
  9. Thanks classadiva! That helps alot! How are you using for your flowers? Ive heard Floral Arts is really expensive and they don't really give you want you ask for. Just wondering! What about your cake? On the budget sheet it says $10 a piece! Just wondering what your findings are. Thanks again!
  10. I'm so excited I found this forum! I'm getting married Sept 25, 2010 at the Atlantis and I'm super excited! I'm a little nervous because I have never been there before. I'm fly my own photographer there because Ive heard its much cheaper or the same price to do it. I will stay its better because he isn't charging me anything to do the wedding. I just have to pay for his flights and hotel (which with my room deal I saved $1000)! I do have one question for anyone.... At the atlantis, can you block rooms for your guests and if you don't need them then drop them a month before the wedding. Also, on the information from the resort, its says you can't split the $150 min over more then 2 meals. Did I read that right? Can that pay for the rehearsal dinner and the wedding dinner? Thanks everyone, I love all this info I'm getting!
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