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  1. @Cherina, my daughter was married at MDV about 2 years ago. Because of the size of the resort and costs, it tend to be a small, select group of brides who decide on this venue. With that being said, she had an amazing wedding at the resort. We had all villas booked and we still have guests talking about her wedding. Good luck in your planning, I am sure your ceremony will be unforgettable!
  2. When my daughter was married, she initially paid the deposit to hold the resort (~$4000) and then included on STD cards a time line for guests to make their deposit to the resort. Her initial deposit was later used to offset the costs of the wedding. Paying the deposit can be a hardship, but think of it as being the same as paying a deposit to reserve a venue. Good luck in your planning.
  3. I love the face of the groom captured as he first sees his bride! Priceless! Also, I love the shot of the bride and groom kissing under the bride's veil!
  4. Hi I recently attended a wedding reception at Kukua Beach Club. The reception was on the veranda and the place was beautiful and the food delicious! The staff appeared to be very accomandating! By the time we arrived at the Club, it was dark, so unable to really see a view of the ocean, but we had cocktails around the pool. I think you can have a beautiful wedding and reception there!
  5. To add to the fray, I think you should not ask your guests to come to your wedding and pay for their supper!!! When my daughter was married in Jamaica at an AI, she paid for one day of everyone's AI plan ($115 plus tax ) to insure that no one paid for the welcome or reception dinner. If she had her reception in the States, the costs would had been similar, so why should the guests be required to pay for their dinner because the wedding couple decided to do a DW? Regarding those guests that you don't know...I would be surprised that relatives/friends that you are not well acquainted with are going to pay $2200+ to come to your wedding, of the 88 people invited to our daughter's wedding, 42 came Futhermore, when I receive invitations from couples that I haven't seen in years!!! I assume that they are gift seekers, and really are not expecting me to come. However, with a close blood relative like an Uncle or Aunt, if you invite them and they come, see it as a reconnecting with a family member that you should probably get to know! I will say this, we were surprise about the guests that chose to come versus the ones that didn't. As mentioned by others , maybe you can save money in other ways-going with local flowers, cost effective centerpieces, skipping the OTT bags, etc. Good luck with your planning. Its your wedding and ultimately your decision.
  6. I have a picture of my daughter and her husband sharing the cake and it was beautiful!
  7. I saw this on another bride's thread: Purple Gecko: 1 1/2 oz Tequila 1/2 oz Blue Curacao 1/2 oz Red Curacao 1 oz Cranberry Juice 1 oz Sour Mix 1/2 oz Lime Juice Directions: Shake with ice and pour into salt-rimmed cocktail or margarita glass Garnish with a lime wedge Purple Hooter recipe 1/2 oz vodka 1/2 oz Chambord® raspberry liqueur 1 splash 7-Up® soda Pour ingredients into a stainless steel shaker over ice. Shake until ice cold. Strain into a large shot glass, and serve. of course you can change the names to something more romantic.
  8. love, love, love your dress!!! Great job on boarding passes!
  9. You can search google images to help locate the dress. Copy and paste the picture (I save it as a jeg file), then go to google image search and upload the picture (it will ask you to browse, then download it on site window). Google will find picture and give available info. There may be an easier way to do google search, but ... good luck! I just tried to do it and sorry, google took me to the original post, lol. So try to pm the BDW bride, her profile name: Shoesiesluvr
  10. For the rehearsal dinner we did Jamaican specialty foods, curried goat, jerk chicken, etc. Wedding reception was grilled lobster, beef tenderloin. MDC and MDV were very accommodating with our menu selections.
  11. Beautiful! And great review!
  12. wedding on the beach with a tent reception also on the beach. It was lovely and I think the guests appreciated that it was on the beach and that during the reception, some of our guests did walk in the shallow water. With the paper lanterns, twinkling lights and votives, it was beautiful!
  13. Jumping the broom is such a beautiful part of the wedding ceremony and I am happy that my daughter included it in her's. We carried it on the plane.
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