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  1. Kelsey, You will be getting married on my birthday! Present location for the ceremony is along the wooden fence at the end of the beach by the Sunset platinum section. I do not think it can hold 50 people as you can see in my pics. I am sure gazebo will be available by that time. Do not worry, they will take care of you! Great decision on the Thai Beach restaurant, it was so romantic. You will love it!!!
  2. Well, we are back and had a wonderful time. Everything was perfect and stress free. We were lucky with great weather as well. If you choose to go with Thai Beach Party, you will love it. It was so romantic.... We had a semi-private dinner there which is no longer available but Mara was able to do it for us. The only ceremony location right now is next to the Platinum section at the Sunset, along the wooden fence. We used resort photographer Francesca, she is wonderful and we bought out all the pics from her. Remember to book all your appointments right away: massage, hair... Mara, wedding coordinator was a sweetheart, she even managed to move our ceremony time 1 hr earlier as I was worring if we have enough time for pictures. I really have nothing to complain about.. lots of great memories!!! If you have any questions, ask away! Margret
  3. Congratulations Gujarwala, I am sorry to hear about some of your dissapointments. I was notified by my coordinator Mara about the gazebo. She even sent me pics of the yuppa set up on the beach. She said she was not sure if gazebo will be open for January 19th. I wish I mentioned it here but I thought that you knew. I can't wait to see your pictures...Who was your photographer? Can you tell me how was the weather at night? Did it get chilly for the reception? What time was your wedding? Mine is at 4pm and I hope it will not get dark too early. I would appreciatr your feedback. Congratulations again Margret
  4. Hi, I am getting married on January 19th at the Riviera side and the new coordinator Mara has been in close contact with me. So far she was wonderful and has great reviews from the bride who was married just 2 weeks ago. It was slow start with communication for me as well. I called twice and after that it has improved greatly. Try calling if you want to speed the process. Good luck!
  5. Hello Ladies, Well, I have decided I am staying with GRP and started finalizing my choices. We will have ceremony in the gazebo and semi-private reception at the Thai Beach Club. Our party is small, only 10 guests, so it suits us perfectly. After all the stress,I am glad I have made my decision and I am starting to look forward to January 19th. We will get married legally in Canada in next few weeks. I would love to read some reviews of the weddings that took place recently. Mara, the wedding coordinator has been really helpfull and is answering all the emails. Does anyone have any info on the resort photographer?...sample of their work... Thanks Margret
  6. Here is the link to what your friend heard: http://www.inews880.com/Channels/Reg/LocalNews/story.aspx?ID=1319939 I wonder what happenned. I hate this waiting...
  7. Mandy, How did you switch to Sunset? Did you change tour operators? I am hoping to stay with GRP if it opens or switch to Sunset if possible as I actually have few guests already booked in Sunset. Margret
  8. Michelle, It is not Maggie. I believe it's Ella. I got it from "Inwedding dresses". M
  9. So I have a dilema... Half of my guests are booked at Riviera and half at Sunset. The wedding is January 19th. I am really worried that Riviera might stay closed for a while...who knows. I have opportunity to move Riviera side guests to Sunset. That means cancelling with West Jet and moving to Sunwing. My other option is to move everyone to Bahia Principe Coba which I am not crazy about...i've been there and would like to avoid it. What do you think I should do? I will try calling the resort tomorrow to see if they have any info and if I can switch my wedding date to Sunset. Do you think Sunset will be safe, same company, 2 years difference when they were built... Help
  10. Michelle, I have ordered this dress and I was not happy with it. Basically it came too big and ruouching lay horizontally and loose ( maybe it appeared to be loose as it was too big). Don't forget, chiffon goes not lay flat... So, the dress is in the bottom of my closet and since then I ordered and received Maggie dress.
  11. Melanie, I am staying as well. It is official now that Platinium section is closed indefinitely but the rest of the resort is open. My wedding is January 19th and I hope things will clear by then. Good luck to you and give us some feedback upon your return.
  12. Hello Ladies, Just wondering if any of you are switching to different resorts or staying with Princess. I am not sure if resort will stay open, I've heard it might close till the end of December but I am sure it is still open now. I am getting married on January 19th, 2011. I am still hoping to go forward with my plans but I want all of us to feel safe at the same time. New wedding coordinator finally contacted me 2 days before the accident. Her name is Mara, she seems very nice. No news from her since then. My thoughts are with the families who lost the loved ones...
  13. Four long months of the wait for my dress and it has arrived. It os Sottero and Midgley - Sybil. Some minot alterations to the bust area and it will be ready.
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