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  1. Congrats Jystar!! We had our wedding last saturday also, and ladies jystar is correct, Daniela is amazing. She handled every last detail, any problem we had she took care of, if we needed to set aside chairs for our guests for dinners she had it done. SO dont worry your in good hands!!
  2. Congrats and Good Luck!! Maybe we'll see you there Originally Posted by jystar13 ahhhhhhhhhhh! i leave in 4 days for my wedding!!!!!!!!!! we are so excited and just can't wait to get there already!
  3. They really do work on a slower time frame then us lol! We have exactly 50 ppl going!
  4. OMG it's terrible waiting especially now that we're soo close. Just trying to not stress and think of the 80Ëš weather as opposed to the 25Ëš weather we've been in lol. How many people do you have coming?
  5. Wow 2 weeks now for you!! We leave in 3 weeks and haven't heard back on our questions either
  6. Hi Kim, We were originally going to go with the dj included in the package, however he was not responding to any of my emails and I was getting frustrated. Apparently his email address had changed. I decided to go with Dj Doremixx. A couple of the girls on here gave him really good reviews and they respond to my emails right away. Swank did eventually get in touch with me but I had already gone with Doremixx. I'll let you know how it goes, I have about a month now!! Good luck with all of your planning!!
  7. I hear you, I'm getting stressed too!! I can't believe it's coming so soon now!
  8. Hey Jystar when do you leave the resort we might cross paths, My fiance and I arrive tuesday Feb 22nd!
  9. Is anyone using the DJ included in the resort Divine package? Dj Swank? I wanted to know his pricing on extra hours and a screen etc.. and he has yet to get back to me after emailing him over a month ago. I'm debating using an outside dj at this point!!
  10. Sorry nevermind just saw in your review you guys used your ipods...BTW... Your pics look beautiful!!
  11. My mother and sister are throwing it for me in november, It is early but like you said with the holidays and stuff makes it easier..
  12. The photographer for the resort is mexicanweddingphoto.com. I went with a different photographer also..
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