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    Where do I begin???

    Thank you everyone for all the welcome messages!!
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    Where do I begin???

    Hi everyone, My name is Erin and recently got engaged on New Years Eve!!! I am very excited! My entire life I had a dream of a traditional wedding and as I began to research and plan I realized it was just too expensive for us. So now we are onto a destination wedding. At first I was hesitant but now I am overly excited! We are hoping to have our wedding one year from now, so either Feb, March or April of 2011. We have no idea where so I am hoping this forum can help me narrow down some choices. Our first pick would be Aruba since we have been there 2x and it is our favorite vacation spot. But we are open to all options we only have a few wish list items for it and that is 1. its affordable for our guests (the cheaper the better I guess) 2. its an AI resort. I look forward to hearing everyones stories on where they chose and what information they can share!