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    food choices

    Does anyone know how to deal with food choices for the wedding reception dinner where each guest can choose what he/she wants? Were told kitchen must know in advance of choice of 2 entrees. We have guests with lactose intolerance and the WP said must accept what chef chooses is "always good". This is not good enough. WAnt to know ahead of time choices.Also have one vegetarian. How can I get them to comunicate and cooperate? Wedding reception at Royal. Help. MOB
  2. kkeaddy@comcast.net

    Wedding Cake Topper - HELP

    Sounds adorable,did you ever find it? MOB
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Effie Hello girls! So glad to see other brides from the royal!!! Why does it seem so difficult to find em'! It must be getting popular to get married there because the price goes up once a month! Anyways, We are booked to be married at the royal in cancun for january 4th 2010 and getting soooo excited! My fiance and I are the only ones staying in the royal and everyone else is staying in the caribe. It will be cool cause we can go over there whenever we feel like it but can also run away to our private hotel oh my gosh I wish I could go down for a tasting, please let me know how it goes!! since you've had your wedding, do you have any advice for my daughter who is getting married at the Royal on 7/14? re food,ceremony,photography,flowers, cake? Music? Kathy, mother of bride
  4. kkeaddy@comcast.net

    question from a newbie

    I'm a m.o.b., Kathy, wedding for my daughter in Mexico is 7/14. Am wondering: how do you get glass champagne flutes to Mexico w/o shattering?