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  1. Hi Pintsize1. We had our wedding dinner at the gourmet restaurant, Calabash. The food there was delicious and very well presented. We ate at all of the IRHS a la carte restaurants at some point but Calabash was my absolute favorite.
  2. ...and Ladies Thank You so much for your congrats' and encouraging comments about our pictures. Honestly, I'm still on cloud 9 about our wedding...This experience was one of the absolute BEST times of my life. Go Jamaica!
  3. Hi CamLovesJA. If you would like anything other than white or red roses, you will have to pay extra.. according to how large you want your bouquet to be. The cut & paste below from a Nicole email should help: 1.FLOWERS 2.With the package you have included a bride bouquet, a boutonnière for the groom and a centerpiece for the table where you will sign the license. 3.We offer 2 different options for the type of flowers of the bouquet, please let us know which one you would like: 4.Tropical flowers (ginger lilies, heliconia, anthuriums, torch lilies…) in pink, reds, green, orange and white shades. 5.What color scheme or shades would you rather have? __________ 6.Roses (if you would like another color we can check the availability with the flower shop) 7.What color scheme or shades would you rather have? [Nicole]: The bouquet included in the package has only 9 roses, so the upgrade... is in order to get a fuller bouquet as the one in your picture....please bear in mind that roses are imported flowers, therefore are more expensive....the cluster for the arch also has greenery plus the flowers so is not as much flowers, or the same quality of the flowers for a bride’s bouquet as this ones are specially selected for the bouquet. [Tan:] [OK. Please upgrade].
  4. Hi mrsdeloatch2be. The DJ was great...especially if you like reggae and dancehall music. He plays the U.S. hits too. He required no coaching at all. He read our crowd very well.
  5. Hi Tina5978. We used Jamaica Water Sports for our Sunset Cruise http://www.jamaicawatersports.com/. Freestyle. The price varies, depending on what you want...length, food, snorkeling, foot massages, etc....Our guests said that it was a great way to start the weekend and they'll remember it forever. We had so much fun...Denise Taylor (great!) was our cruise planner: dptaylor@n5.com.jm
  6. Hi Ladies. I finally posted my IRHS review. We got married on September 24th. It's pretty long... http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/iberostar-rose-hall-suites-all-inclusive-montego-bay-jamaica/reviews
  7. I highly recommend these photographers!!! We booked them for our wedding some time in March... I visited Montego Bay about a month before our September 24th wedding. Diana and Richard, her son, found the time on short notice to meet with me…And they even took me out to buy some authentic Jamaican wedding favors…And personalized our favors with pictures! This duo was so pleasant and attentive during my site visit that I was very comfortable that they would be the same or better at our wedding. We hired Richard and Diana for three events: welcome sunset cruise, wedding, and a TTD. They charged us for a package (not by the hour) and their prices were very reasonable. What a relief! Having to count hours and overtime fees would have made us miserable. You can’t hurry love…Plus, we own the rights to our videos and photos--which we received on nicely personalized DVD’s prior to leaving the island…No tacky watermarks or payments-by-the-picture. This was very VERY important to us. When we returned to Montego Bay as a couple for ‘the real thing,’ we were not disappointed. Richard and Diana are true professionals who arrived early and stayed until the job was done. Richard and Diana took hundreds of photos and we have so many ‘money shots’ that it was extremely difficult to narrow it down to the few that you’ll see when you click the link below. Our cruise and wedding pictures look great and only the rain and flooding the ENTIRE week of our honeymoon prevented our ‘eleventh-hour’ TTD session from being the same: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sny114c8/sets/72157625219064191/show/. Suffice it to say that the bride :-) really needed more than a couple of minutes to get ready for the TTD session but I didn’t have that luxury. It took place just a few hours before our flight was scheduled to depart and only minutes before our driver was scheduled to take us to the airport! Kudos to Richard and Diana for braving the flood waters to make it happen though…They are an awesome team. We are so grateful to have had them as our photographers. There are certainly a few things that I would have changed about our experience in Jamaica (e.g., the weather etc.). But our choice of photographers definitely was not one of them. If you would like to see more of Richard and Diana’s work, you can visit them online at http://www.digitalmemoriescollection.com. One more very important thing…if you have questions, they are very responsive.
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    September 2010 Brides!

    Hi carolina24. Today is my 30 day notice too! Ladies, I've been away but very busy...Here goes: Wedding venue. Check. Save the Dates. Check. Photographer. Check. Attendants booked. Check. AHR venue. Check...Formal invitations sent. Check. Dress ordered. Check. Rings ordered. Check. Documents required for legal marriage sent to WC. Check. NEW! Shower. Check. Favors. Check. Logo. Check. Shoes. Check. Hair & Makeup. Check. Wedding Site visit. Check. AHR tastings. Cake topper. Check. Sand Ceremony Kit. Check. Guestbook. Check. NEXT: Send final wedding details to WC... Â I would so love to post more but I am VERY short on time these days. Tried to post some pics but it didn't work for me
  9. Great word search site. Thanks for sharing!
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    Pre-Travel Newsletter

    Your newsletter is great! Thanks for sharing. Newsletter.doc
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    Jamaican OOT Bag

    Hi TaniBBurwell. I'm not sure how much everything costs but you might be able to get some of those items from the gift shop at your resort.
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    Air Jamaica Sale!!!!! Ends tonight!

    Great info. Thanks for sharing!
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    Hi. Congrats. This forum has answers for everything. Seek (or search) and you will find.
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    Hello, I'm a new bride!!!

    Hi. Congrats. This forum has answers for everything.