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  1. So in October 2009 we got married at what was Grand Lido at the time (now it's Breezes). It's in Negril, Jamaica. We had a wonderful NOT NAKED wedding under the gazebo overlooking the ocean. It was all we could have ever hoped for. Our friends across the way got married at Hedo II, a resort notorious for it's "party" ways including a popular nude beach/pool area. We attended their wedding as they attended ours. Notes, they were not naked but got married on the beach hook of the nude beach, so there were naked people 50 yards away watching the ceremony, a few standing closer. So the question begs: Is it wrong on you wedding day to do this? For them clearly not, but what about the Jamaican minister? This is an element he had to endure. Is that fair? End notes - it was a nice wedding for them too and we're very proud of them, just curious about the nudity reaction of this board. Chad
  2. So we got WONDERFUL photos from the resort photographer at Grand Lido in Negril but was that a raw deal? We got a CD of 160 pics all high quality and a photo album of 10 actual photos. Good deal? Bad deal? I'm gonna post a link on my blog with about 20-30 of our favorites to look at. Chad
  3. Ok, so we got married October 29th, 2009 in Negril. At what was then Grand Lido/Breezes. It changed as we stayed there!!! We have not gotten our marriage certificate, any guesstimates? Thanks! Chad
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    Married in Negril - Grand Lido/Breezes

    Ok, so they said I should post our info...no problem! 1. Name: Chad and Norma 2. Wedding date: October 2009 3. Wedding location: Negril, Jamaica - At Grand Lido Resort That was easy. I'll be posting info about our wonderful wedding on some of the boards. I'll give you a sneak peak here. Chad Barefoot Vacation Travel Tips and Blogging <---my blog about adult only travel