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  1. Girls....thank you for helping me understand what a BD is. Well actually my fiance will probably thank you b/c I am getting one done in a couple of weeks. I'm really excited about it. It's going to be soooooooo fun! -Erin
  2. what are these photo shoots before the wedding BD photo shoot Sorry for my ignorance......haven't heard that before.
  3. Oh and KittenHeart.....I'll be in LA for my bachelorette party April 2-4th. We're staying at shade in manhattan beach. I hope the weather is nice by then! I know April in LA can be hit or miss. I lived there for 5 years before denver and a lot of my friends are still there!
  4. I actually got the free sweet wedding package and the bride and groom stay free promotion. You should check into it because it is going on at least through june. It's a great deal and since I'm bringing some fabric from home and flowers too all I have to pay for are some rose petals and chairs. My bill is around $100 for the whole wedding! I'm getting a free dinner for 40 people after the wedding that is "semi-private" They curtain off part of a restaurant which is fine with me and then we're going to go party at the mojito lounge after. I was at el dorado royal for vacation in october 09 and the DJ let us hook our ipod up and dance the night away. I talked to some people at the hotel and they said there may be a live band for awhile early and then after 10pm there is a DJ and it shouldn't be a problem to hook our ipod up.......obviously up to the Dj of course, but I'm just gonna wing it and I'm sure it will be great fun no matter how it turns out! We have a group of 40 people going so we'll bring the party with us!
  5. I saw you guys talking about costs of the hotel. I am not going through a TA, I am going through the hotel and they are having a deal through Karisma Resorts. It is called the "bride and groom stay free" promotion. If you are getting married at any of the Karisma resorts I'm pretty sure it applies (which it looks like you are Azul Beach). The promotion is that if you book more than 5 rooms, everyone in your party gets 20% off the rack rate and the bride a groom stay free for an average of the # of nights your guests stay in the same room category. For example, I have most of my guests staying in the jacuzzi jr suites and they are staying for an average of 4 nights. So.....we get a jacuzzi jr suite free for four nights. We are upgrading and using the credit to get the credit towards a honeymoon suite. I also think you get 20% off all services like reception, dinner etc. Did you get this deal? If not, you should call the hotel directly and they should give it to you. I just asked and they said it shouldn't matter if you have a TA. Good luck!
  6. How long did it take you to get your flowers after you placed your order? It says they do not do rush orders and that it is subject to how many orders they have. I'm just curious of ball park since my wedding is May 14th. -Erin
  7. One more thing......where did you girls get your TTD dress? I want to do a shoot and don't want to actually use my dress. Someone said earlier they got it from some out of country site? Just curious...I don't want to spend more than $100 on it. -rin
  8. Hi Girls-I'm Erin and I'm getting married at Azul Sensatori May 14th 2010. I've been reading some of the posts on here and it's been very helpful. I do have a question about what everyone is doing with decorating the gazebo. It's pretty expensive to buy those colored sheets. Is anyone bringing that from home? Also-bridesmaid boquets. I have seen that some people make silk boquets to match the 'real' brides boquet and bring those. Any thoughts? -Erin
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    Hi I'm Erin and I'm getting married May 14th Azul Sensatori in mexico