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  1. My sister's USVI wedding is using Sugar & Spice! hope this helps!
  2. Well one thing is that for USVI you don't need a passport..
  3. My sister is having her wedding at Villa Botanica. I went down with her to check it out and its lovely. Very lush, just perfect landscaping. On a separate trip, I have been to Caneel Bay which is awesome and right on the beach. It is very very very spread out though so you have your wedding at a section but guests my be staying elsewhere. Its a lovely walk but there are shuttles too. They have a lot of friendly cute donkeys all over the resort and the water sports are free.
  4. Heather Parker Photography Heather Parker Photography Blog We love her work and got her as a referral from someone we know and can't wait to share our day with her. I'm sure I'll be tipsy on my wedding night so I want good photos to remember it by! )
  5. I think TTD is very trendy right now and they are so artistic. I am doing one and my photographer shoots them for free for all the brides. We plan on using the lighthouse, seven mile beach, and even some small cliff jumping.
  6. I haven't heard of it but it looks just beautiful! I looked it up too!!!
  7. that is a really helpful link. everything in jamaica seems to be so slow - email responses, mail. you name it!
  8. I agree with everyone, there is no guarantee and you should not use that system. They must have a US bank account or something. Do you have a wedding coordinator at the hotel that can advise you on what to do?
  9. welcome! My cousin is a military bride so I heard how challenging it can be to plan. Usually the destination wedding hotels come with a good planner to get everything smoothed out pretty easily!
  10. welcome! I love negril! congrats on your engagement!
  11. I dont think they can change what you already signed a contract for. but that might fall in the same terms as if a company went under after you've already signed a contract. This is why we are thinking about getting wedding insurance. A lot of the resorts are having troubling times with this economy and we don't want to be victims financially if they decide to change things in our contract after we already signed it.
  12. If the pictures are great, I don't think it is a rip off. Its what you have to remember your day by. I don't think weddings are about getting deals after the fact. We are looking at a photographer who gives upwards of 800 photos but also costs a bit more than what you have. If the pix are good quality then you got what you wanted right?
  13. I think it will be a long drive. With a fun crowd and an informative driver, it would be great if a narrated tour was incorporated. With the drive being about three hours, I can only imagine a boat/catamaran would be even longer. Plus, people might get sea sick.
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