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  1. We just got back from attending a destination wedding of a very close friend. The food at this resort was the worst food we have ever tasted (think college cafeteria buffets).The only way around it was to make a reservation at one of the nicer restaurants. The food at the buffets were so nasty that people were in line at 8am making dinner reservations for the nicer steakhouse. Just to give you an example of how nasty everything was, after one of the bridesmaids got very very sick from the eggs at breakfast, I opted for cereal the following days. The cereal was stale if you can believe it. The milk wasn't even chilled, and the cream for our coffee curdled. We figured we were finally in luck after nabbing a highly sought after reservation at the Mammee Bay steakhouse on the resort. Boy were we wrong. The meat was so tough and rubbery, it tasted like something I had when visiting my grandmother in her nursing home. I ignored the texture and lack of flavor and stomached what I could. The following day, many of us got very sick and some could not even attend the wedding. When we finally got home, I looked up the resort on many of the reviews sites and the poor quality of the food is frequently the topic in all the reviews. I wish I would have checked it out beforehand because I probably would have not gone on the trip. I feel so bad for our friend because she knew how many of us got sick and I'm sure it interfered with her general mood on her wedding day.
  2. I love your bouquet and floral accents on your ceremony thing.
  3. We have Heather Parker booked. I have seen about a dozen other US and canadian brides who either worked with her already or have her booked. we got references from her and ended up booking. just had a skype meeting with her last week.
  4. I am going to have to say what so many others have said: easy paperwork English speaking friendly people gorgeous beaches
  5. I just wanted to say thank you lighthouselovers. Sorry for chiming in so late.
  6. I saw some beautiful photos of a destination wedding on a wedding planner's blog and have fallen in love with the photographers work. Does anyone know how much it costs to bring in a destination wedding photographer? I assume we are expected to pay their traveling fees plus whatever their package is? I am hoping its not too expensive because I love her pictures. I think I would be nervous dealing with a company in another country anyways. Any advice?
  7. these are the best boards on the net for planning. good luck and welcome!
  8. The beaches in Montego Bay are very nice but it depends on the season for the seaweed. Additionally some of the resorts I think manage it better than others. i think the beaches in Negril are more of the pink sand type you see on the travel sites. You can get flight statistics and airport statistics on google I forget what the search is for it. I bet that varies seasonally as well. good luck!
  9. i think it is customary to tip them if they are being flown in, mostly because there is a lot of travel time involved. if the $1000 is just for air and hotel i would most certainly offer a generous gratuity.
  10. this is one of the resorts we are looking at. thanks for sharing the info.
  11. this was very helpful. thank you so much for sharing
  12. We are looking at Negril Jamaica for December of 2010. Just in the beginning stages of planning! Natasha and Ari
  13. Hi! my name is Natasha and I am planning a Negril destination wedding for December!
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