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    Beaches Negril

    Here are photos from Cynthia & Jeremy's wedding at Beaches Negril. the wedding took place on October 26, 2009.
  2. Sure! I'm new to this forum and don't know how to send pics. You can email me at PRTTraveller@gmail.com and I would be happy to send them to you. Are you working with Gabi?
  3. Hi there! As a wedding planner and travel agent that has planned a variety of weddings in Mexico, I am MORE than happy to help you with this! First off, not all vendors pay a commission to wedding planners. It varies from vendor to vendor. It could be ANY vendor-- caterers, resorts, photographers, etc. And most Mexican vendors are VERY flexible with their rates. It depends on what your friend is comfortable negotiating. You DEFINITELY need to work with a travel agent, too, regardless of whether or not your friend is planning your wedding. Travel agents are able to negotiate group perks and better rates for you and your guests. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Sincerely, Candy Cain (Desintation Wedding Expert)
  4. Where are you getting married? I've planned SO many weddings in Negril, and am working on one for June of next year. I recommend using a US planner familiar with Negril, that can work with the resort. Beaches and Sandals are FANTASTIC. Let me know if you have questions! Candy
  5. Are you working with a US Based planner? They usually have strong connections with the resorts and whatnot. That way, you can work with a US planner to achieve what you want. Feel free to message me if you need more help!
  6. I JUST went to Barcelo Maya Palace and I have a TON of pics, if you want to see them. I am planning a wedding there for January 2012. Let me know if you need help! Candy
  7. Are you working with a travel agent or wedding planner? I highly recommend Allegro Guanacaste-- they've got a private beach club that is great for surfing. Let me know if you have any questions! I am VERY familiar with CR. Sincerely, Candy
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