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  1. ambeato I would love to hear about your visit and how it would save you money with a planner vs. the package. Email me taponte60@comcast.net Thanks Terri
  2. Thank You Sonya....I really love their packages VERY affordable and I like that its good for 40 people.
  3. Hi I was trying to get some prices on packages but when I went on the contact us page I was having difficulty sending my request . If possible if any of you ladies have a price list could you please send it to me. Thanks in advance, Terri taponte60@comcast.net
  4. Hi Alliecat023 & jerzshortstuff I sent you ladies some info & pics I got from the WC. Hope it helps answer some of your questions Terri
  5. OOOPS.....I got the initals all wrong DPB (Dreams Palm Beach)
  6. Thanks Ladies.... I think I am going to go with the free package and add on from there...it is a toss up between DPC and DPR. I have been emailing the WC at DPR and she has been getting back to me promptly which I was surprised after reading about the WC's taking forever to get back to people. Toya Love the dress!!!
  7. Hi I would be interested in seeing the prices for this resort can you please send them to me also. Thanks Terri apontet@optonline.net
  8. Hi ladies my name is Terri and I have been reading the thread and I love you girls.... there is such a wealth of information on here. We are planning on having a destination wedding in DR in probably Feb. or May 2011. I have been doing my research and Dreams seems to be the one to go with. I just wanted to ask I noticed some of you are doing the free wedding package and adding stuff on. wanted to know why are you doing it that way is it because of the number of guest you are having at your wedding or because it would be less expensive? I am going crazy trying to figure out which way to go.... free wedding or Love / ultimate Also....is the resort charging extra for a private reception and open bar Thanks in advance..... Terri
  9. Terrian925


    Thank You So much Ladies. Wow I was surprised to see so many replies. This forum is great.
  10. Terrian925


    Thank You for welcoming me. OMG I just looked at your planning thread and girl you got everything down to a T!!! I love your pics... beautiful! We are planning on going to a destination wedding expo on Sunday and hope to get some info there. But I am really liking the Dreams resort. How many guest did you have at your wedding?
  11. Terrian925


    Hi I have been reading and love this forum. We are looking into Punta Cana but not sure which resort to go with. Trying to do something affordable but nice. I am hoping to hear from some of you ladies. We are not trying to have a big wedding probably 20 the max. we have been looking into Dreams punta cana but still searching to see what else is out there. Thanks ladies in advance. Terri
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