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  1. Fiance and I decided we want to get married in Cancun next month!! We have never been to Cancun before and I have no idea where to start - I could really use some help finding a place to get married! It will just be the 2 of us so I'm looking for someplace intimate and romantic. I did take a look at the accommodations & site thread but it's hard to tell which hotel / venue would be right for us. Can I find a list of all the venues that do weddings somewhere? Any recommendations or advice would be very much appreciated!
  2. Christina - maybe you should try emailing the dressmaker to see if they will give you a partial refund? I know sometimes small flaws don't show up well in photos but they can be obvious in person. I tried on a sample dress at Davids Bridal that looked pretty beat up - it had makeup stains on the front and loose threading around the edges, but none of that showed up in the pictures I took. For a wedding dress, I think small details like that are important! Your dress does look pretty in the pictures but if you don't love it, you should try and see if a refund is possible.
  3. I struggled with this also and finally decided to go without a veil.. it's pretty but too traditional for a beach wedding in my opinion
  4. Their prices do seem really good, I would also love to know if anyone has purchased from them before
  5. lol @ Island Bride, I'm glad you found your dress. How much did it cost you? I'm planning to get my next dress online because they have such great prices, but it's kind of hard when you can't try them on first. If I could find one at a local shop for a comparable price I think I would probably do that.
  6. Hi girls, I purchased this dress on ebay but I decided that I really want a different style, so I'm trying to sell it before I buy another dress! This dress has a sweetheart neckline and is really pretty. It's very elegant and the beadwork is extremely intricate and detailed. I love the that front and back are rutched making it very figure flattering. It's a size 2 and fits snugly like a wedding dress should. My measurements are 34B-25-36, and I'm 5'2", but I ordered it longer figuring I could have it hemmed later. I also asked for straps, but they can easily be removed if you want to wear it strapless. I just like having the option! Except for these photos, this dress has never been worn. It cost me a little over $200 with shipping, but I will sell it for $150 with shipping included! Please feel free to send me a message if you have any questions. I apologize for the quality of these photos - I took these myself with only a table lamp for lighting. I'll try to post some better photos later. Front: Another picture of the front with flash: Had to take it off to take a picture of the back - I'll try to post one of the back while I'm wearing it. I love that the back is a V shape. Beading detail:
  7. I am so sorry this happened to you! Definitely check with your credit card company (if that's how you paid) to see if there's anything they can do. I know some cc companies will do charge backs up to 6 months or longer after the purchase. Good luck.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Diva I forgot to mention the BEST part, hope you are sitting down ladies...This dress was onlt $34!!! Regular $306, check out the tag WHAT!? Are you kidding? That is so cheap it's ridiculous. Congrats on getting such a beautiful dress at an amazing price!! Now you can splurge on other things
  9. I got a quote direct from an event design company in Cabo and it was about $300 for a very simple chuppah with white cloth only (no flowers or decorations).
  10. Maybe you can try looking at a bookstore like Barnes and Noble, I've seen something similar before in the wedding section. Also Hallmark and Things Remembered sell nice guest books as well.
  11. Khakis are too casual for me, so we are thinking about a light colored linen suit instead of a traditional tux
  12. My dad might not attend the wedding, so I was actually considering having my fiance's dad walk me down the aisle. We're not super close, but he's a great person and I think he would be happy to do it.
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