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  1. all those dresses are gorgeous. my opinion: the 2nd one had the most WOW factor & the most flattering!!! go for #2!!!
  2. TCD

    Welcome all advice!!!!

    congrats & welcome! after deciding where you want to go (and resort) there's some really informative destination wedding checklists to go by.. good luck happy planning!!
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    Congrats & Happy planning! great choice on mayan riviera! good luck!
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    January 2011-Bride to be

    Congrats and welcome!!! Good luck on your planning
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    Newbie here :)

    Congrats!! You'll learn so much browsing through this site! I'm not even engaged yet and it's already overwhelming! haha
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    Congrats & Welcome!!
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    Hey Everyone, Not yet engaged but been in my relationship for just over 5 years. We were leaning towards a DW when the time comes because of our extensive family drama so this option seemed best for us. I love (so far) Dreams Palm Beach Resort but since I'm just looking around getting ideas and lots of research from postings that could all change Tanya