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  1. Thanks for the congrats ladies! It feels so good to be his Mrs.! We got our marriage certificate in the mail from Carolina yesterday, so that made us smile all over again! I'm going to break this up into sections/several posts, since I want to go over our thoughts on everything. Hopefully, it will be helpful. For all of these it will be helpful to know that we, and all of our guests, were staying in the Bavaro section. Resort and Grounds The resort is absolutely beautiful. I've been to several all-inclusive resorts and this was by far the prettiest one I've been to. The gr
  2. Hi ladies! So sorry I haven't been on here since we got back. Between the wedding and honeymoon we were gone for 2.5 weeks. We got back last Sunday (as in a week ago yesterday), but it wasn't until 10:30 PM that we got back, plus having to go to work the next morning....all made for two very tired people. There was some event/dinner every night last week with people wanting to congratulate and celebrate with us, too. I swear by the time we worked everyday and then attended one of those, the only thing we had energy to do when we got home last week was sleep! Anywho--Things could not hav
  3. We leave in the morning. Yippee! Thanks so much for all the help along the way ladies. I'll be sure to post a full review when we return. .... It will be after Thanksgiving when we get back from our honeymoon, so it will be a few weeks though. We get back on the 28th, so expect a review then.
  4. I'll be sure to post a full review on his services when I get back in a few weeks!
  5. Thanks so much for the confirmation on that! My dad and brother will be glad to hear that!
  6. Thanks so much for the well wishes everyone! I really appreciate them! To anyone who has been to the Grand Palladium in the past--Several of the men in our family are asking emergency/last minute packing questions about dress code for the a la carte restaurants. The Grand Palladium website says "long pants are required in the a la carte restaurants for men". Does that mean they have to wear khakis (dress pants/slacks), or are jeans allowed in the a la carte restaurants? It does not really specify. Thanks! Dana
  7. Only two days left until we leave. Well, I guess it depends on how you're counting, lol. We leave Thursday morning bright and early, and only counting the two days between now and then helps me feel better. But, I guess it's a good thing that we have three nights to pack, since we haven't started yet. Good thing we have tonight, tomorrow and Wednesday. lol, we are such procrastinators! I can't believe it's finally here! So excited to finally be a Mrs.! Now I just have to hope getting my dress there in one piece isn't the chore I am afraid it's going to be. I have to admit that it h
  8. I think so. If I remember correctly, they're scheduled to be there an hour before our ceremony, too. We got the three hour package, so I figure an hour for before pictures is MORE than enough. I'd rather have more of the ceremony and after. 23 days until we leave!!!!!!!!1
  9. We're using HDC as well. Obviously, I can't share my personal opinion on their work yet, but all the photos I've seen from brides in this forum have been great. I know the booking process was easy ans efficient though. My emails and questions were answered ASAP.
  10. We just used a local MO travel agent. Well, local to my parents. She's located where my parents live, not in St. Louis where we are. I've never actually met her. Just talked to her via email and 800 phone number. My parents are very graciously paying for them, us, my brother/ SIL and the ceremony costs. That, plus the fact that they have never traveled internationally and are nervous about the whole thing, made us decide that someone who they could physically go see would be best. Turned out to be true, too. They've been able to go out to the office and make payments in cash (online credit car
  11. I'm honestly not sure where we're getting married. We planned this, and are still planning this, as we want to be married with our toes in the sand. We have all of these people though (parents, friends, other guests, etc.) talking in our ears saying, "But the beach isn't private!!!!!". We could not care less if other people are there. I just know that people will try to steer us away from what we want. So we're going with the intentions of doing the beach, but I have a feeling we'll have people trying to talk us into the beach side gazebo. We're going with an open mind, and I guess we'll just
  12. Yay! I'm so glad to see to this thread active again. We leave in only 27 days! And it's just 32 days until we're married! I'm so excited to finally become his Mrs.! I can't believe it's finally here! When we planned this whole destination wedding thing it was the perfect solution to our low key, laid back, don't like "fuss" personalities. The fact that there were no worries, no stress, and we just show up while they do everything could not have been better for us. We would never have been happy with a traditional wedding. So this was just awesome. .... Except for one thing. I never
  13. I've had the same excitement over the last few days. We're up to 16 booked, and still waiting on a few to book who said they're coming. If all of those book we'll be at 24 guests. They better get cracking though. November 16th will be here in only two and a half months. Wow, do I love being able to say that! Â
  14. Congrats CherryBomb! Thanks so much for sharing your story and I'm so happy to hear about another smashing success of a wedding at the GP. I simply cannot wait for November 11 when we leave. It can't get here fast enough! lol For anyone who has already been married at the GP, can you tell me a little about the ceremony itself. Since there is no "rehearsal" I'm sort of trying to make sure that I have the order of things in my head, so I can prepare certain guests/wedding party who are asking questions. Also, I'm trying to figure out how much music/songs I need for processional stuff.
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