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  1. we had our ceremony in the gazebo with no red runner. it was much prettier that way. we actually got married there less than a week before the explosion, so i am not sure what the platinum area looks like. I do know that even in the upgraded platinum suites, you still smell the watery mildew. I highly recommend getting your makeup done there. they did a great job, better than i expected. be prepared too that the resort will set-up reservations for you for the restaraunts the first few days, you really should keep these reservations because changing anything is a pain in the rear. you have to walk all the way up to the front of the resort to change anythign & they will tell you all they have available isn't until 9:30pm. we had 20 people at our ceremony & dinner afterwards. This way we didnt have to pay extra for more people. We had our dinner at La Fondue, which was fabulous. Tell them you want more than 1 option for the dinner & they will accomodate you. They say only 1 choice, but if you stress that you need more than one, they will be flexible. If anyone has any further questions, please feel free to PM me. I would love to help any bride out.
  2. We had our wedding at GRP & the following day my husband & i left to go to the El Dorado Seaside Suites & I must tell you, if you are thinking about switching resorts, this one is amazing. Not only is a a smaller more quiant resort, they put you first all the time. I wish we would've done everything there.
  3. Our wedding is the 9th at GRP. How exciting. So have you decided on your flowers yet? Also, how many people are you having come? We're only having lik 15 so we are just doing the a la carte restaurant, not sure which one yet. Have you heard anything about the restaurants? Â Jen
  4. megan, I am a bridal consultant in IL & also a bride to be on this forum. Anyway, we have the reese in our salon in a sz 6 & we are having a sample sale right now. It is currently priced at $929.95 right now, but it would be discoutned. Let me know if you are interested. Jen
  5. Angie, Can you pm me the flower options as well? Our wedding is 11/9/10 & we have to decide on our stuff by next month. How many people are you having come? We're only having like 15 people so we are going to do the a la carte restaurant. Have you heard any reviews on the restaurants? I've gotten mixed reviews, mostly good, but we need more opinions. Thanks, Jen
  6. Angie, When is your wedding? We are getting married 11/9/10 & are having to have our stuff finalized to Patricia by 9/9/10. They don't seem to flexible do they. We are doing the same package too. What a la carte restaurant are you doing? We are having under 20 people attend, so we didn't want to spend more on the upgarded beach reception seeing as we are having a reception at home less than a month later. Send me a message if you can Jen
  7. where did you find pictures of the restaurants at? I am curious. I saw a post on here yesterday that said something about the seafood restaurant being good. I thought Italian too because it's safe, but then again we are in Mexico & they are cooking Italian. Kind of odd.
  8. We are having our wedding at GRP November 2010. There will be under 20 people attending so we are doing an a la carte restaurant for after our ceremony. Any suggestions on restaurants? We have to decide soon, so any help would be awesome. Thanks Jen
  9. Carla, As for restaurants at el dorado, which one's are the best? I believe you mentioned the Italian & Latin one's. Are there any others? My finace & I are getting married at GRP & him & I are moving to el dorado seaside for a few days after. Any tips on making our short honeymoon even more memorable at this resort would be helpful. Thanks, Jen
  10. congrats on your engagement Holly. Our wedding is 11/9/10 at GRP, as its called in these forums. I have learned a ton about this place. Trying to get a feel for the good restaurants there. Any past brides ahve any info?
  11. tyeftich--Where at in Riviera Mya are you getting married? My finace & I are getting married 2 days later on the 9th at Grand Riviera Princess.
  12. Jen Wilson


    Thanks everyone for the welcome. It's nice these types of forums are avialable. I appreciate your feedback.
  13. How was your wedding at the Grand Riviera Princess? My fiance & I are getting married there 11/9/10. Can you give me any advice or tips about the place. I would really like some feedback from someone who has gotten married there recently. Thanks
  14. Jen Wilson


    Hello all future & past brides. My name is Jen Wilson & my fiance Nick & I are getting married 11/9/10 in Riviera Mya, Mexico. Anyone doing there's at the Grand Riviera Princess?
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