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  1. I am travelling from Sault Ste. Marie in January and our guests were quoted $1,815 through Air Canada Vacations. My sister is travelling from Ottawa and I think she's paying about $200 less so it doesn't sound like your quote is too far off. A friend of mine went to talk to a different travel agent in Toronto because she thought our quote seemed too high. The travel agent told her that our quote seems very reasonable since it is one of the top resorts in the Punta Cana. So it sounds like your quote is right on par!
  2. I just realized it wouldn't work to share him on the same day! Sorry...
  3. Hey I just noticed your post. I am also getting married at the Majestic Colonial on January 13, 2011. Have you found other couples to share your photographer. I know it might be a little late to be asking now.....
  4. Congratulations! I'm also from Ontario and getting married in January - the 13th to be exact. Sounds like we'll be there the week before you. Do you have any last minute guests that haven't booked. A couple of my friends tried to book this week (even though I kept reminding them to do it earlier) and they said it's sold out! Just wondering if you've heard anything.
  5. Thanks for the great review! I'm considering going there next January so it's really helpful to read about your experience.
  6. Your pictures are beautiful! Thanks for the great review and all the advice! It's super helpful to me as I am still in the planning stages. I'm sure many of us appreciate all the hard work you put into your review. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm in the planning stages and looking at Majestic Colonial. Thanks so much....the review is really helpful!
  8. Thanks for the review. I'm still trying to choose a resort and this is one of the ones I have narrowed it down to. Any advice I can get is so helpful and appreciated!
  9. Congratulations Monica! Your pictures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm in the planning stages and still trying to choose a resort. I found your review super helpful!
  10. Hi my name is Kristen. I just got engaged a couple weeks ago and want to have a destination wedding. I'm definitely just in the early planning stages right now. At the moment I'm just trying to get ideas of what is out there. All I know is that I'd like it to be at an all-inclusive resort. Most of the guests will be travelling from various parts of Canada. I want to find something relatively affordable for everyone. For now, I'd just love any ideas or suggestions that anyone can give me from their own experiences. I'm feeling clueless about where to begin at this point! Thanks! Kri
  11. Majestic Resorts

    Pros: pool, beach, food
    Both the Majestic Colonial and Majestic Elegance are beautiful, sprawling resorts with so much to offer people of all ages.   The winding pool and swim-up room cannot be beat!
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