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  1. Hey futurewifey2011. I am getting married there in June as well. Which week will you be staying there? we are june 25-july 2 (plus an extra week for our honeymoon )
  2. Hey if anyone has any pictures or catalogues fromt he resort of their bouquets or cakes I would love a copy - tanya_vince_wedding@hotmail.com P.S. 174 more days to go June 29th @Akumal hammock location
  3. I am getting married there June 29, 2011 ...will be there from june 25 - July 9 Wedding and honeymoon...when are you getting married?
  4. You have no worries, the water is clear and beautiful at the bahia! The rocky area is where people don't even swim (right at the AKumal beach hammock location. I was there in August and it is breathtaking! I loved it there and the resort was amazing. I do agree that the beach could be better because it was kind of small but it was so calm and clear and you could swim with fish by the dock that it didn't even bother me. They have areas sectioned off to protect the coral reef so it was understandable that we were limited to where we could swim! I also have been looking for other resorts that had nice long white sandy beaches with blue water but the pictures look so plain and simple! Something about having the option to have those rocky pictures make them look more artistic, romantic and interesting. Everyone has their own preferences so whichever resort you choose (including the Bahia) you will have gorgeous pictures! You're in Mexico theres beautiful beaches everywhere Good luck with your decisions <3
  5. How much do you recommend I put in my budget for photographs? I have absolutely no idea what is an appropriate amount so if you can give me a ballpark around how much it will cost to use the resort photographer I would greatly appreciate it Thx!
  6. I am heading down to GBP Akumal August 22 for a site visit I can't wait I am so excited. I will be sure to post some pics up for everyone once I return! Let me know if I can take pics of certain things or check stuff out for you! xox
  7. Anyone who got married and stayed at Tulum and did their dinner at la gran tortuga... did you girls choose the set menu or do the rodizio style? So hard to decide!!! THANKS
  8. Hey Jessica, It is in one of my top 3 choices as well, and for the same reasons as you it is currently number 1 on the list. what it will come down to is pricing. Since I am getting married in July I am hoping it will be under 1200 per person! I read on here somewhere that some brides decided not to do packages with travel agents and let people book on their own because it was cheaper than a group rate...strange :s ... Hopefully I find a good group rate I am actually doing a site visit of the resort I choose at the end of this august...I plan on staying at Tulum but I will take some pics of Akumal for you if I do decide to go with this resort It is too gorgeous that it most likely will be...I will let u know for sure and u can tell me what u want pictures and reviews of keep in touch - my email is tanya_vince_wedding@hotmail.com . Tanya
  9. That is amazing. I hope that happens for me ... But that is great news that everyone liked the tortuga restaurant...thank you so much for your review. I will definitely do my dinner there then! thanks for the advice...it is soo hard to make decisions for 30+ people when you have never been there before!
  10. Thank you such much for the review. I am torn between having the private pool side reception or eating at la gran totuga and just having a pricae cocktail/dance party after dinner. I am sooo glad to hear the food was really good. That is a relief as I have heard horror stories of some other places :S Thanks again, and congratulations.... you're a MRS
  11. Wow the pictures posted from the 2 weddings last week were absolutely gorgeous. I think I have definitely decided on my resort now thanks girls. You both looks absolutely beautiful and the pictures are to die for. Congratulations to you both One quick question for you... How was the FOOD? food quality is a big deal breaker for me...any reviews would be amazing..thanks
  12. Hey Funinthesun2010.... I'm from Brampton too. I am actually just in the process of moving back to brampton from Guelph ... I'm planning a wedding for July 2011 (3 months after you) at the Gran Bahia - no decisions have been made yet, but this resort is on the top of my list for sure. What made you decide on this resort? Hope your wedding planning foes well - congratulations and good luck with everything!
  13. Hey everyone! I am planning a destination wedding to the mayan riviera and during my resort search I came along this hotel...I like the way it looks but I am really picky and will have the hardest time trying to decide on a resort...Any help, info and PICTURES :)O would be amazinggg... plz email me if you have any advice tanya_vince_wedding@hotmail.com Thanks alot ladies and congrats to everyone who has already had their dream wedding on the beach
  14. Hey I am 07/2011 as well.. I am just working on my Save the Dates - I am doing Boarding Passes Good Luck
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