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  1. Hi MissyBee, Some of our guests stayed at the Reserve. My bridesmaids, best friends, my mother/brother/aunt, and a few cousins stayed. The remaining guests stayed at PPR. I loved loved staying at the Reserve bc it gave us that much more privacy. It can be a little tough to get some alone time with your new husband, so we decided we were going to stay there bc we had a couple days before and after our guests arrive to ourselves. There wasn't a problem at all having our other guests stay at PPR. They quite preferred it bc the rest of them were all near one another, and could hang out easily. The trip between the two is a 10 min walk or a 3 min golf cart ride and you have to walk by/through PPR to get to the beach so it's not that you aren't going to see your other guests, it just gives you a little separation. I've heard that Royal Service isn't worth it. In my opinion i would splurge and get the nice room (plus if you go through one of the wedding packages you get a room upgrade if i remember correctly) in the Reserve over RS. We stayed in Rm 5303 in the Reserve and I would TOTALLY recommend it to anyone. We were at the end of the row, so the pool was all ours at the end and it was sooooo quiet. We were lucky not to have that many people around us, so I can't promise the exact same experience, but it was just so lovely. Have a wonderful time!!! Kari
  2. Capolinwedding - I was in contact with Jennifer, but there seems to be some turnover. I also had much success emailing with Diana. Hope that helps! Watttessa - I'm not sure which company they use for decor. I think a lot of it is in house. They do use an outside vendor for flowers, but I'm not sure of the name. You can send them pictures of almost anything, and they can get a price quote for you. If you want a certain color table cloth for instance, I believe they rent that. They have a whole list of things you can add to your day. I would recommend asking them for the list and you can see what's available. I think the list comes in the form of an excel spreadsheet and has all the prices associated with it. If you are having your reception on the beach, you'll need to rent a dance floor and lighting, so just be aware. Hope that helps some!
  3. Hi capolinowedding, Congrats on your upcoming wedding! I would be happy to send you some pictures, of anything you want, just PM me with your email address. Our cocktail reception and dinner reception were both in covered outdoor areas but not in the sand. They were close to the Garden Gazebo. They both had marble floors but were open air, so we weren't in a room. The cocktail location was: Flamingo Foyer The dinner location was: Apollo Foyer As for the beach to get married on, if you were looking for more privacy, I would recommend Gabi Beach, but if you don't mind onlookers, the main one is perfect. It's all so pretty. Just one thing to keep in mind. If seaweed has washed up on shore, it will be in your photos. Is there a way for you to get a layout of Palma Real? As your romance coordinator for a map so you can see where different places are located. We didn't want to be on the beach which is why we picked the Garden Gazebo, that and it is a little more private. We did see many receptions on the beach and they looked like so much fun. The thing to remember is that since there isn't a hard surface out there, you'll have to rent the floor, and lights bc it gets dark quickly. Hope that helps you a bit. Let me know if you want more info! Kari
  4. JaneEliz, Don't mind you asking at all. We got the Platinum package with HDC and it included 5-6 hours of photography and 4-5 hours of video and an online photo gallery for people to look at for 90 days and it was 1700. They require a deposit and before you arrive the final payment. You can also customize your own package - for instance I didn't want the TTD, so it wasn't included. They are really the nicest guys to work with. Both Arnaud and Milan made us laugh and feel really at ease. Good luck!!
  5. Hi MaggieFresh, I didn't bring decorations with me. I purchased them from the resort. With the Aqua package comes some flowers and runners, table clothes, chargers and basics like that. But the lanterns (or other extra lighting), floral centerpiece, candles and the like need to be purchased or brought with you. I've heard other brides shipped items to the resort with success, so I would say weigh your options. Which would make the most sense to use, and which is less of a hassle, bc after all it is your wedding day and stressing out over votives is silly and unnecessary. They are really good about honoring your request. If you send them a picture of how you want it to look, they will price it out for you and give you a quote. Hope this helps, and sorry my response was SO late.
  6. Hi Michelle, I got married in the garden gazebo which was very private, cocktail in the flamingo foyer (behind the main staircase to the left) and the reception in the apollo foyer (behind the staircase to the right - the whole foyer). The beach ceremony is right in the middle. they do make an effort to make sure on lookers dont get too close. i think your idea for the olympic terrace is great. it is really pretty I stayed at the Reserve and I was glad I did. It has a slightly different feel (decor) and there are a couple other restaurants and bars to go to, but it's farther from the beach. I've heard different things about the royal service. some negative and some positive, but if you dont think youll need a butler I would save that $. I got my hair done in the reserve spa and loved it. I did my photos with HDC Photo for both video and photos and LOVED them. can't say enough great things about them. I actually didn't leave the resort bc we were just enjoying each other and relaxing so I can't give you any advice for off site make up. your wedding sounds beautiful! good luck! kari
  7. Avong1228- I can answer a few of your questions. 1- Diana Landgraf romance@paradisuspalmareal.com 2- I don't have a current price list, sorry, but they can send you one easily. 3- Ceremony locations: Naos Beach or Garden Gazebo. Reception locations: beach, Gabi restaurant (have to rent the whole thing out though for about 9K), Olympic Terrace (it overlooks the pool and is outside), Appolo Foyer (covered outdoors), ballrooms, Olympic theater (its a really big space so use it if you have a lot of guests). I got married in April this year in the garden gazebo bc i wanted privacy. we still had onlookers but not as many if we were on the beach and to be honest, I didn't notice. 4- Our ceremony was at 6pm on April 2. It was a VERY short ceremony, maybe 15 min tops and then we did pictures for an hour and by the time we were done it was dark. For more daylight, maybe do a 5pm wedding. But, it can be HOT then, so if you're outside remember your guests will be sitting and sweating in the sun 5- there are fees for using outside vendors. you have to pay a day pass ($120 i think) per person and if you have guests staying at other resorts there is a $25 event pass they will need to get. 6- I didn't work with a TA. Our guests booked their own rooms. I am not sure if they do a room block or not, or you might have to commit to a certain number of rooms. Good luck! Kari
  8. Chell2BMorrell - I stand corrected- the Olympic Terrace is the photo you have the link to above, and it is mostly private. The entry is roped off so other guests aren't walking through your area. Gabi is $$ and I can't remember what that includes. We had our ceremony in the garden gazebo and our cocktail reception in the flamingo foyer and our reception in the apolo foyer, all outside, but covered (except the garden gazebo). I didn't want our ceremony on the beach though, so that is why I chose the gazebo. On the beach everyone stops to watch, which is ok, I just didn't want photo's of people in their bathing suits, ya know? Also, it can be really hot out there bc there is no shade. It can also be really windy so you are hooked up to a microphone. We had 58 guests, which I thought was a great number. We did the Aqua package, which had the plated dinner and our 2011 package included alcohol. I think your idea of having your ceremony on the beach is beautiful. If you privatize Gabi, I would just recommend having your cocktail hour there, too bc in my mind it doesn't make much sense to walk to the Olympic Terrace for one hour, and then all the way back to Gabi for the reception - especially bc Gabi has a bar already, so the set up transition would be seamless, and they have a hard surface so you don't have to rent the dance floor. OR you could just do your cocktail in the center of the resort - by the big main fountain (forget the name - and they rope it off so random people don't walk through), and then have your reception on the Olympic Terrace bc it's also mostly private and doesn't cost as much as the Gabi. It also overlooks the main pool which is lit up at night, and the beach, and you have the cool breeze. Remember you're not going to be present for the cocktail reception - you'll be taking pictures, so you'll want some daylight left during that time so all your photos aren't at night. Have you decided which wedding package you're going with? I mentioned we picked the Aqua package bc I wanted a plated dinner instead of a buffet. I asked for the Chill Out Chic linens though bc aqua and white were not my colors. We picked The Reserve to have some privacy from my MIL. Some of our friends and some of my family stayed there too and it was really great. I reserved that room, which wasn't an upgrade. If you get the wedding package and you stay 7+ nights then they will upgrade you to the next room level at either part of the resort. If proximity to the beach is important to you, you might want to consider staying at the regular part of the resort bc you either walk 10 min or take a golf cart ride every time you want to get between The Reserve and the regular part of the resort. I didn't mind and knew I wanted to stay at The Reserve, so it wasn't an issue for me. They also have their own restaurants/bars/pool/spa/gym, etc. I got my hair/make up done by Claudia at The Reserve spa and she was amazing. I didn't do a trial, just walked in with a pic of the type of make up I wanted and she did it and told her how I wanted my hair, and she made it happen. I used HDC Photo for our photographers and I can't say enough nice things about them. I didn't particularly like the guys that are on the resort, so I did a little research on here and found HDC and really couldn't be any happier. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask!! Best, Kari
  9. Hi! I got married in April 2011 at PPR. The Olympic Terrace is the main central terrace of the hotel - the place with the fountains and giant blue statue of a "person" sitting. That's on their website, and it's very nice, but not terribly private because it's by the main pool, and in between the restaurants, etc. It's very beautiful and there is plenty of seating, and the view can't be beat, over the pool to the beach, and the fountains themselves. I'm not sure where Naos beach is - could you be thinking of Gabi beach? To put it this way, the beach, if they are named differently, are all a short walk away - Gabi being the furthest, is probably at the very most 5 min. And, I might add that the walk to the beach is on a hard surface. There might be a couple steps involved if you are in fact thinking of Gabi, but I think your Granny will be fine - plus there is seating all along the way if she needs to take a break. I did not have my cocktail reception and wedding reception in the same place - so i'm sure they can arrange for you to have it wherever you want. I purchased the lanterns for our reception and they were $350 and they were really pretty and I just put the price out of my mind. If you have your own lanterns, bring them, but there isn't really a place to hang them from in the Olympic Terrace bc the whole thing is open- there is no roof to hang it from, There are plants, etc, but i'm not sure you would hang lanterns from them. Might I suggest the faux candles? That might look pretty on the tables and then you wouldn't have to worry about hanging them anywhere. You might be able to use the lanterns at the reception? Hope that helps! And, congratulations!!! ps- My husband and I stayed at The Reserve at PPR and I am so glad we did. It gave us just enough privacy from his overbearing mother who wanted to spend each and every moment with him. She stayed at the regular part of PPR and wasn't allowed onto The Reserve, which was exactly what I was looking for...ha. We spent time with our friends and family but then could spend some alone time too and not have to worry about imposing family members. Just a thought. I thought it was worth ever penny!
  10. I agree with Diana about making dinner reservations - they are a pain, so try to hammer them out as soon as you can. I think you can make reservations two days in advance. I had better luck making large reservations through the Romance Coordinator and it worked out well. They were a little late (8:45pm) but we were all together. Any number over 16 they charge you - FYI. I got married at PPR on April 2, 2011 and did not have a problem with the make up or hair. I got mine done in The Reserve by Claudia and she was awesome! Now that you mention it Diana, I didn't get my breakfast in bed either - but didn't even remember i was supposed to have it until just now. We did get the bubble bath with roses. I really wouldn't worry about anything. The staff at PPR is amazing and they know what they are doing. A little patience goes a long way and trust that your day will be wonderful. -Kari
  11. Hi There, We got married on April 2, 2011 and we used HDC Photo, too and they were great! Arnaud and Milan were our videographer and photographer. I reached out to HDC about two months before our wedding and booked them. They were quick to respond and very friendly. The pricing structure at PPR where we were getting married was very strange and HDC's costs were very reasonable. They arrived right on time and immediately put us at ease. I wasn't sure what ind of photos I wanted and let them do most of the directing. We were laughing within minutes. Both are so friendly and very professional. After the reception was over they we were told Arnaud would come back to the resort to drop off the photos and video - and they were amazing. I was stunned at how pretty they were, and that they were able to get some of the shots they did. AND that everything was done in two days! I highly recommend HDC Photo and hope you have an amazing day! Best, Kari
  12. NeveWhite, I brought the favors with me in my luggage which consisted of wine stoppers/bottle openers and little emergency kits. My husband got the guys cigars, and just found some guy on the beach to buy them from. As far as decorations, I just had smallish centerpieces - a medium vase with gerbera daisies in pink and theyprovided tea lights around it. I had the Aqua package but asked for the Chill Out Chic linens bc I didn't want blue and they were fine and provided enough visual interest. I did get the lanters for $300 and I really suggest it. It provides soft lighting and I think it looks cute. What sort of decorations are you looking for? They can do any kind of floral centerpiece you want and will quote you before hand so you can pick something that is in your price range. we didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on flowers that were going to die, so I just did small oes for $40/each . to be honest, i doubt anyone noticed it. they are too busy eating and dancing. The Chill Out Chic linens came with plate chargers and napkin rings so the place setting was really pretty. hope that hleps!!
  13. Hi Mscenz, We picked the gazebo because it was more private and that was important to us. I would recommend you asking about getting married on Gabi Beach - right next to Gabi Beach Club, that way your guests don't have to walk very far at all and gabi Beach is a little more secluded than the regular area people get married on the beach. Other than that, I would ask you what you were looking for our of your ceremony. The whole resort is stunning, so anywhere you choose will be gorgeous.. Hope that helps a little :-)
  14. Hi MDube56, April is a great time to get married in the DR. It's hot during the day and perfect, complete with a breeze at night. I had our cocktail hour in the Flamingo Foyer (just behind the Onyx Club) - it's a direct shot from the Gazebo, and you have beautiful flowers and flamingos walking around in the water there. Request to have seating there so guests can sit and drink/eat appetizers. It was sunny there and my MIL complained of the heat and asked that the reception start 30 min earlier. They rope off that area so you don't get foot traffic through your cocktail hour. Our reception was in front of the Apollo ballrooms. It was also outdoors, but covered and there were no other weddings going on in the ballrooms at the same time. We didn't have to rent a dance floor bc the marble floor was sufficient. They hung white drapes up so you don't notice the parking lot at the end of the walkway, and we had them hang the lanterns for extra lighting. i LOVED having our receptions at those locations. It was warm though and since you are on the back side of the resort there is little breeze. If you wanted a breeze I might recommend the terrace in front of the Theater, overlooking the main pool. It's not as private in that everyone can see you, but you'll have a beautiful view of the blue lit pool and that beach breeze. I brought everything with me bc I didn't want to run the risk of not having everything when I arrived. We bought the cigars once we arrived (just found some guy on the beach to buy them from) and I had small wine stoppers/bottle openers for the girls, and the "emergency" kit was small and didn't take up much space in my luggage. My MIL brought the Jordan Almonds with her bc she picked them up before hand. I wrote the place cards the day before the wedding once I knew the layout of tables, and Jennifer took all of it from me the afternoon of the wedding and set everything out. She even called me in the room when she had a question - she's GREAT! I didn't have a lot of stuff to give out, so taking it with me made more sense. Hope that helps!
  15. I put up my review here: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/paradisus-palma-real-resort-all-inclusive/reviews/4443 -kgb
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