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  1. SoontobeMrsBerrios

    Pre-wedding sale!

    what do u have left to buy!!!!!!!!!!! i love the nail polish shout wipes first aid kits email me at nataliejanerubia@aol.com! PLEASE
  2. did u sell!!!!!!!!! i wantttttttttttt send me email nataliejanerubia@aol.com
  3. SoontobeMrsBerrios

    New Yorkers?

    Bronx here, getting married H10 Ocean Coral & Turquesa in RM, Mexico May 15, 2010!!
  4. can you guys email me nataliejanerubia@aol.com with pics PLEASE
  5. SoontobeMrsBerrios

    FS: Beautiful Calla Bouquets *PICS*

    im interested if u havent sold yet... email me nataliejanerubia@aol.com
  6. Angelfire as a May bride i look forward to hear from you as soon as you get back!!!!!.. Im so excited for you!
  7. SoontobeMrsBerrios

    ~For Sale~Mugs, Oh my!!

    are they sold? email me nataliejanerubia@aol.com
  8. SoontobeMrsBerrios

    FS..Bags, table runners, chair bows...LOTS!

    interested in oot supplies real life touch orchids and marbles email me nataliejanerubia@aol.com
  9. thank you Katie... so i think we goin with shooting star... and we have about 60 guest.. so thats 40 x 65.. but my worry is the extras like for centerpieces.. sashes.. decoration for gazebo on beach and rose petals, reception liquor/beer, extra for cake.. im so nervous about budget i could cry lol
  10. SoontobeMrsBerrios

    *~* Pre-Loved Clothing Sale *~*

    im interested in the beach bum tank.. and the dress but im skeptical about size..
  11. SoontobeMrsBerrios

    ~*~Autumn's Wedding Garage Sale~*~

    please please i will love kids stuff first aid kits lime bag both bride and groom pillow AND luggage tag email me nataliejanerubia@aol.com
  12. i jus read thru 42 pages of this forum!.. im soooooo GRATEFUL to have found it! i thought i was only one in world who booked this hotel haha.. omg.. I NEED HELP.. ive been having huge anxiety bc ana takes SOOOOOOOOO long to get back to me. I need to kno budget wise how much to expect for a BEAUTIFUL WEDDING! ANY IDEAS ON REHEARSAL DINNER OPTIONS?
  13. omggg ME TOO.. I THOUGHT I WOULD NEVER FIND ANYONE HAVING A WEDDING THERE!!! GIVE ME INFO TOO GUYS!.. IVE BEEN HAVING ANXIETY... Kaycee when is ur wedding? and Jennie can you email me also nataliejanerubia@aol.com
  14. SoontobeMrsBerrios

    Vdaybride post wedding sale!! **Mucho pics**

    can you pls email me nataliejanerubia@aol.com.. i would like white pashmina, iron ons, hair comb
  15. SoontobeMrsBerrios

    Leftover Wedding Stuff

    im interested in the green tea light holders and gold organza pouch and charms.. email me nataliejanerubia@aol.com