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  1. Hello ladies, I know I haven't been on in a while, but I decided to check in for old times sake. We got married on June 18 and I noticed some were questioning the light up dance floor. We did NOT pay for the dance floor, but when we got to the reception site it was there. I asked my WC (Denys) and she told me that it was included. From what I gathered this is the standard dance floor now. We were never charged for it, either. Hope this helps!
  2. Ok, so I found out today that you have up to 6 months after getting married to change your name on your passport for free. Thought all of you would be interested in this. Hope it helps.
  3. If you have never been married before then you do not need an apostille or certified copies of your birth certificates. all you need is your passport and the tourist cards that they give you on the plane.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by kerrimark2010 Hey Duprk452, Great photos! You look beautiful! About the fabric that's tied around the chairs - was that something that The Royal provided (at an extra cost, I'm sure), or did you bring the fabric with you? I'm thinking of bringing my own in our colors, so any input you have about the size of the chairs would be appreciated... Thanks! Kerri Actually that was something that I decided on LAST MINUTE. Literally, I ordered them a week before we left and they got here in 2 days. I wasn't going to do them at first and after looking at everyone's pictures I changed my mind. This was probably one of the BEST decisions I made about the whole day, because it made a huge difference. Everyone complimented them and couldn't believe how much better it looked than plain white. It just made the whole scenery pop. Someone on here suggested this site, I'm not sure exactly, but I think it was Lady Di. Well, they were great to work with and extremely cheap, too. Satin Sash
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by msglave Duprk452, Love your pics too! I especially love #239 of you! Is #15 the spoon pic? lol! Thank you so much and yes 15 is the spoon pic.. my photographer was scared to get any closer.. she was afraid the flash would spook the make up lady lol
  6. ok.. so here are some of my pics.. I have a lot more to post in both albums but no one told me how long shutterfly took to upload! It takes FOREVER! http://kristenandjason.shutterfly.com/ Hopefully I can find some more pics of the resort that will help you guys out.. In the professional pictures there are a lot of pics of the make up and hair products that they use in SpaZul.. I think my photog was bored while I was getting ready.. lol I will load the rest of them as soon as I have time.
  7. For those who are having difficulty with the amount of guests you have.. I would seriously consider doing an a la carte wedding. This is what we did and it saved us a ton even with our small guest list of 25. This is just my opinion, though. My next suggestion is that if you have a small guest list like we did get a SMALL cake. We had a TON left after the reception b/c people were too full from the dinner and cheesecake. It was pretty, though. I am currently loading pictures to my shutterfly account and will post the link. Don't mind some of the pics in the professional folder, some are not edited yet. I will also load some of the resort so you can get a better idea of what it looks like.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by jesmcan Welcome back! can't wait to see pictures and of course read the review Hi Laura welcome, 1. The resort photographers are not my personal taste but here is a link to their work ::: Funever Photos ::: You do not have to use them but if you bring an outside photographer than you have to pay the outside vendor fee which is $350 if you booked after December 2. You can have any outside vendors that you would like but you have to pay the outside vendor fee for each one. They offer the mariachi band for the cocktail hour for $700 through the resort. 3. When I went on our site visit we really like Maria Maria's however after seeing Duprke's pictures Pelicano's looks like an awesome spot for a reception. I agree with this.. It all depends on what type of setting/food you are looking for. If you are looking for an outdoor event with lots of seafood options on the menu, I would do pelicanos. They have other food other than seafood, but the seafood is AMAZING. If you are looking for dim light sit down with BIG steaks then Maria Maries is your choice. They are BOTH great choices, though. These would be my top two picks.
  9. Ladies who will be leaving to go to the Royal soon, keep an eye on the weather. Our local weather station is saying first Tropical Depression of the season will be here in 24 hours.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by jesmcan kenlyn - so glad it was so perfect like I said they should give people that option msglave - I agree with Kenlyn Victor does not get enough credit I featured a wedding he did in Tulum Ale & Pedro Destination Wedding Tulum Mexico Destination Inspirations and just like Kenlyn's pictures you can see what great work he does I did not even put two and two together until I saw Kenlyn's pictures that it was the same photographer lol By the way for past brides who had their reception on the beach was there an issue with sand in food. No one mentioned but I thought I would ask. We are thinking about doing a private dinner on the beach as a gift for our parents. Any thoughts? Nope we did not have any sand in our food. The breeze was nice, but the sand does not move. I will tell you that while we were there they were running a special on romantic dinners for 199.99. There were, however, 5-6 on the beach at the same time.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by rosieposie Thanks! I feel the same way, I don't think we'll have that many guests and don't know how many of them will actually get up and dance so we don't think it'll be that worth it. Hopefully your dance floor is their new standard. Did you have to pay extra for the person to run your ipod? i saw someone on the bus on my way to work this morning doing this with her eyelashes and i thought of you!!!! i was peeking and she seemed to be doing a "ribbon curling" action with the spoon. i wanted to ask her about it but there were too many people between us. No, as far as I know I did not pay extra for them to run the ipod and that is EXACTLY what she was doing. Like you would be curling ribbon with scissors. It might be the new cool thing to do, who knows?
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by nursegrad2010 Hey girls! I'm new to the board and still haven't pick a date or place and The Royal is a top contender. I just have a couple questions for those that have been there... How "private" is their beach? I know no beaches in Mexico are technically private, but is their beach super crowded? How often does that ferry come and go and do you really notice the crowds coming on and off it? That's really my only biggest concern... other than that I love the place... and I especially love how it's adults only and 5th Avenue is right around the corner!! I've read through some past posts... how has the transition been from the US office to the Mexico offices? I'm almost afraid to send anything through to them and not get any reply. I can only imagine how incredibly busy they are right now. Thanks for your help! Ok, I did not have a ceremony on the beach, but I can tell you that the beach is pretty private after 4. If I were to do a beach wedding I would have it on the beach at Pelicano's. This is the largest area and the most private. Most of the people are on the other end of the beach. The ferry to cozumel can come 1-2 times a day, but some days it doeesn't come at all. You will never notice the people coming off of the ferry, because they go straight into town.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by PaperBagPrincess Duprke - What a great review! Thank you for all the details, very helpful. Although I now feel like I want to buy the make up team a proper eye lash curler.... but maybe the spoon works better, easier to keep clean being dishwasher safe and all? hahaha Actually, to be honest, my eye lashes have NEVER been so long. So maybe they're onto something that we're not. My best friend actually wants to learn how to do this for herself.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by rosieposie thanks duprk for the review! you looked beautiful! i was wondering about the blood work process and not upgrading the dance floor, thanks for the details. sorry if i missed it, but did you hire a DJ or just let your ipods run with playlists you mentioned? looks like you had a wonderful wedding =) congratulations! No, we just did playlists on an IPOD. We didn't want to spend the extra money on the DJ and honestly they have someone there working your IPOD and he is pretty good at it. Actually now that I think about it I'd call him the DJ, lol. For us, it just wasn't worth it. We saw some of the DJ's playlists and did not like one of their songs on it so we would have had to create a new one anyway. So after all the time and effort all we would have been paying him for was to press play. I guess that's just our opinion. Now granted we didn't have any cool balloon animals or masks, but we still had fun.
  15. Oh and I wanted to let everyone know that I went to the Social Security office today and had no problems getting a new card. Tomorrow I will try to tackle the DMV