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  1. AsiaJane- Call your airline. I called Contintental and asked if they could accomodate me since I will be carrying a wedding dress, they told me that I have to ask the flight attendant when I get on the plane, no guarantee that they can put it in a closet. Fortunately, they didn't say I would have to check it, so hopefully the flight attendants are good.
  2. The sand by the gazebo is packed and it is where people play volleyball. Jacy said that you can set up a red carpet for that part of the walk to the gazebo if you wish. I'm wearing flip flops so I think that I am going to skip the red carpet bc I am ordering a cute aisle runner with our names and date for the gazebo. I don't think the two would look good together at all.
  3. How do I add pics to the reply thread? I clicked the insert image but it wants the url? I'm confused...haha
  4. Hey ladies! Sorry I haven't been on in awhile. I did meet with Jacy when we went down for a few nights. First off, the resort is beautiful. I don't know about everyone else but I was reading reviews of DPA on trip advisor and some comments got me nervous. But, we had no issues, the rooms are beautiful (we had a marina view), the workers are so accommodating, the food and drinks are delish, and last but not least Jacy is wonderful!! When we met with Jacy our second day there, she took us on a tour of the place showing us all the different places to have the reception. She even showed us where we would get married if it rains. If it rains you would get married in El Patio by this “Love Tree.†Although I would be disappointed if it rained on our wedding day and we couldn’t get married in the gazebo (the gazebo is beautiful in person), I would get over it because El Patio is very nice too. After our tour, we sat down for about an hour talking about the wedding and she wrote everything down in a folder marked with our names, which made me feel better. I feel like we don’t have as much to do when we go down in January. Here is a list of some things that we discussed, I hope it helps you all out a little bit…You cannot pick the place for your reception until the week before the wedding if you want to have it in a specialty restaurant. If the restaurant is set to open for dinner the day of your wedding, you need to find a different location. We really would like to have the reception in El Patio (Mexican Restaurant), but if we can’t have it there we liked the idea of having it by the adult pool but our only concern is that it may get cold at night in January. We decided that we would like the DJ for the reception and she said that we can send her a playlist of all the songs we would like to hear about a month before and she will forward it to the DJ. She said to include the first dance song, father/daughter song, mother /son song on the list too. If some guests start requesting songs that the DJ doesn’t have, she said that’s not a problem bc he will download the songs right on the spot. I talked to her about bouquets bc I didn’t really like the options that the resort offers, but she said that we can send pictures to her and she will forward them to the florist to see if they are able to make bouquets similar to the pictures . If this is something you are interested in then you should do this at least a month before. You can also send pictures of cakes that you like to and she will see if it’s possible to get something close to the picture. About a month before the wedding you need to send a list of all the guests and when they are set to arrive, this makes me think that they welcome the guests with drinks maybe? ( When we checked in we were not welcomed with drinks, it doesn’t seem to be the norm.) As far as OOT bags, you can give her all of the OOT bags when you get there and she will deliver them to the guests the second day they are there. She said they do it on the second day because the first day is normally when people will change rooms if they need to. She made us feel very comfortable. We just got the overall impression that no request is crazy. If there is something that you want for your wedding or reception, just ask and she will do everything in her power to make it happen. There is no need to worry or stress about our weddings at DPA (even though we all will haha) because it will turn out wonderful!!!
  5. We r meeting jacy tomorrow morn to give us a tour of the place and to talk about the wedding. Let u girls know how it goes when we get home Friday
  6. Adrianne your pics are beautiful!!! I e-mailed Jacy about meeting with her when we go down there and she got back to me right away...we will be meeting with her the second day we are there. She also gave me the new e-mail address that we should contact her at...Weddings.drepa@dreamsresorts.com
  7. Thanks so much! We are going down to the resort at the end of the month and I would like to meet with Jacy...
  8. Hey Ladies, does anyone have Jacy's e-mail address? The e-mail address that I have is not working...please help!
  9. Hey ladies! I haven't been on in awhile, but I did want to share something with all of you. I decided I didn't want the traditional instruments for the Bridal Chorus and Wedding March,we are getting married in paradise so the music should reflect this! What is better than Steel Drums?! So I started looking for Steel Drum players who play the traditional wedding songs and I found a guy! If you order the Wedding CD, you get another CD with songs like Margaritaville, One Love...for $25.00! I got the CD's and we LOVE them! The bridesmaids are going to walk down the aisle to One Love and my dad and I will walk down the aisle to the traditional Bridal Chorus. If this is something you're interested in check out the site! Steel Drum Wedding Music CDs and MP3s
  10. Hi Ladies! I am a January 2011 bride. We're getting married at Dreams Puerto Aventuras on January 14. I have my dress. My MOH and bridesmaids have their dresses and we sent out the STD's. I am starting to look at invitations. The time is flying by already!!
  11. Hey thanks! He is looking at Tommy Bahama clothes, he wants to be beachy and casual. Where is everyone thinking of having their reception?! Anybody have info. on El Patio? Congrats!!! You are sooo close!! Bet you are very excited
  12. Hi girls! I wanted to introduce myself to all of you. My name is Jen and I am from NJ. I am officially a DPA bride!!!!! We are getting married January 14, 2011. I feel alittle overwhelmed because I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing. I have my dress. My bridesmaids have their dresses too, but I feel like I should be doing something more...
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