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  1. Went to a destination wedding in Vegas in February 2008 @ Treasure Island! The wedding was beautiful in the Chapel. There was about 30 of us and an added bonus was the wedding was done via satelite so everyone back home in Canada who couldnt make it got to see the wedding ceremony!! And I agree $4000 is more than enough!!
  2. Congrats Mrs.Jones2B! You are not going crazy...she is definetly on island time! Once you are assigned a wedding co-ordinator, the process is much smoother!! Good Luck!!
  3. Hi Our Lucaya Girls!! Contact Patrick Kemp of Pat and Diane Snorkeling Ltd/Fantasia Tours. The private wedding party dinner reception we booked is aboard the FANTASIA (72 ft double deck catamaran)!! I think it's a really good deal! You get everything...dinner, dancing, dj, entertainment and you get to treat your guests to a beautiful sunset cruise! email-patdiane@batelnet.bs
  4. EEEKKK! Our Wedding Social is this Saturday, June 26th, 2010 @ the Prosvita! I am in pure panic mode right now!! We do have some amazing prizes though..Grand Prizes are: 50" Samsung Plasma, PS3 console (slim 120GB) with extra controller and game, and a Bahamas Cruise for 2 nights (round-trip)--includes Marlin Travel luggage set & $200 RBC Visa Gift Card. Some of our regular prizes include: netbook, John Daly Golf Club set, IKEA gift basket, Spa Package (mani, pedi, massage, haircut), his & her mountain bikes, camping package, resort stay in Kelowna or Fairmont BC with luggage set...definetly helps to know people!!
  5. All the best ladies! You're plans sound perfect!! We changed our destination to Our Lucaya/Freeport Bahamas. It just fit our budget much better! We will be using Mark Da Cuhna as our Photographer. He is a local in Freeport but travels all over the Bahamas. Really amazing photo journalism style!! Actually, I think he mentioned he just did the new brochure for the RIU..
  6. Hi Lauren! Congrats on booking with Our Lucaya! You two must be so excited!! I got your message..I just haven't been on here for awhile. So busy working and trying to save up for our wedding! We have a small intimate party of 36 booked for our November 2010 wedding. I agree, the event planner took forever with the contract and very frustrating at times. She was very accomodating tho to tailor a package specifically for what we wanted. I sent her pictures of flowers, cake, beach set up etc. So I guess she just priced things out in our contract specific to certain vendors. Instead of going with the resort photographer she let us pick our own..we are going with Mark DaCunha. His work is amazing. A little $$$ but if you like candid, romantic and that photojournalism style..I say it's worth it to capture stolen moments!! He is a local there in Freeport so you do not have to pay for a work permit fee. We also decided to have a private dinner reception on a 3 hour boat ride/cruise. It will be closed to the public. Complete with a steak & lobster dinner, ulimited wine and bahama mama's, dj, dancing, entertainment and panoramic view of the entire island. This wedding party boat company even sent me pictures of how we would like the boat decorated for dinner, menu to choose and drop off and pick up for all your guests. Oh yes and children welcome! It's a great idea and a big money saver!! Send me your email address if you would like me to send you info for any of this!
  7. Hi Margie! Yes...I read your review also! It was a great review of Our Lucaya and gorgeous pictures and back drop of the wedding ceremony! I am a little nervous about the whole all inclusive bit though! It doesn't sound like most all inclusive's we've been too...
  8. Thanks MrsMiller2b! Finally got a hold of her and i guess she has been on holidays! She will be back April 19th to discuss further and assign us a wedding co-ordinator but our wedding date is secured for November 10th, 2010! All this time i thought Faye was the co-ordinator...sheesh! Anyway, your wedding is right around the corner! Good luck and I can't wait to hear all about your beautiful wedding!! Where did you decide to have your wedding reception?
  9. This is a fantastic review! Thank you for taking the time to right it! I'm getting even more excited that we chose Our Lucaya too!! I actually changed my wedding co-ordinator to Faye Knowles...we were going to go with Janet Albury with VIP services but there ended up being to many extra fees (even fees for use of resort grounds...we're already staying at the resort). Anyway...the only frustrating part about Faye is the amount of time to return any calls or emails is quite lengthy!! She was accommodating to make a package that suited our budget and now I just want to know how I go about making an actual booking, the deposit/payement and how about a contract agreement...I haven't heard from her in a week I seriously wish I had the extra money to do a site visit...just so I could have everything in order!!
  10. Hi JenArge! You're not being nosey at all. Our Group rates are for 7 nights from Canada and not a direct flight from where we live...we have to do a quick stop over in Toronto..it is also low season and the end of huricane season..regardless I am very happy with our rates! We do have to pay a little more for Ocean View rooms but most of our guests are staying in traditional island view rooms. Our Lucaya Reef Village is one of 3 hotels that make up Our Lucaya Beach & Golf Resort. This is the least pricey and geared towards families but you do have access to the entire resort. For AI, I think we are given a sheet that states what restaurants we can choose for meals and it includes alcoholic beverages and non-motorized sports. Apparently, this resort is now a radisson and use to be sheraton/westin...I just got the feeling that the resort co-ordinator didn't really know what she was doing and there was a delay in response to questions I had..she changed her mind a lot and just wasn't sure. Maybe she is new there. Her name is Faye Knowles. She seems nice tho. Please keep in touch..I would love to here about your sight visit! Good Luck!
  11. Hiya! Congrats on your engagement! I too have children and so do both our families! It was so important for us to find an all-inclusive resort that was family oriented as well as affordable so our family can enjoy a nice vacation!! We just booked OUR LUCAYA REEF VILLAGE Bahamas! It's a fantastic beach resort with a kids camp, marina, golfing, spa, casino, a market right across the street...and so much more. I am very pleased with our group rates!! Good Luck:)
  12. Hello all! We are so pleased to finally have our perfect destination and have our wedding date booked! I think that was the most stressful part of this whole process and I feel like we can now move forward and let the real fun of planning begin!! Our Wedding is booked for NOVEMBER 10th 2010 @ Our Lucaya Reef Village FREEPORT, GRAND BAHAMA ISLAND...BAHAMAS!! We got a fantastic AI Group Rate that is very affordable ($1100/person & $530 for children)!! So far 30 guests have made their deposits!! So exciting!! We are currently working with a WC-Janet Albury of VIP Services and 'And the Two Became One'...after much debate we decided to go with a Local WC vs Resort Co-ordinator...and I am so happy we did. So far we are very impressed with her work! I swear she is the only one on that island NOT on island time! Her emails are so prompt and really has so many choices and ideas for vendors!! She is always sending me samples and links and is really staying within our budget! She is fantastic!
  13. No worries everyone...I figured it out on my own, as per usual. This property is now owned by the Radisson...FYI--Here's the latest from OUR LUCAYA REEF VILLAGE FACTS SHEET Our Lucaya Reef Village is part of Our Lucaya, a destination also consisting of The Radisson at Our Lucaya Beach & Golf Resort. Together, Our Lucaya Reef Village and The Radisson offer two unique resort experiences and over 1,200 guest rooms. The Radisson caters to a more adult-crowd with a perfect setting for romance and a large meetings facility. Alternatively, the Our Lucaya Reef Village is geared for families searching for a Caribbean escape, with familyfriendly accomodations and an acclaimed children’s program. Guests to both resorts have access to the shared golf, spa, dining, meeting and water sports facilities. Couples at Our Lucaya Reef Village can exchange vows on the beach, with the Caribbean sun and gentle sound of ocean waves as the only witnesses, or at a gazebo in the midst of a lovely tropical garden. Those wishing to end the night with a formal reception can use one of Our Lucaya’s restaurant facilities or hop next door to The Radisson, for its conference, wedding and event space.
  14. Hello lovelies!! Just wondering if someone can help me...I'm so confused!! We are still deciding on a location for our DW! I think RIU is out of the question now because it is way to expensive for our budget. Anyway, now we are thinking maybe FREEPORT/LUCAYA. Not so busy and fits our budget better. Now is this a Radisson? Formerly Sheraton/Westin?? When I try to look up rates and wedding packages for 'Our Lucaya Reef Village' there's not much information...but so confused because it seems like all these hotels/resorts are all attached together under one building...does that makes sense even? I guess there is an option to choose AI or European Plan, resort fee?? I dunno Somebody H.E.L.P. please set me straight!!
  15. No problem Amanda! We are planning to get married there too in November 2010! We are just waiting for our TA to get back to us to see what the best rates are in November. What kind of group rates did you guys get per person? We will be flying from Winnipeg to Toronto then Toronto to Bahamas (AI packages are much cheaper from Toronto)!!
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