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    Sandals Negril or Couples Tower Isle?

    We are also getting married at Couples San Souci, then transferring to Couples Tower Isle for our honeymoon. The message board on the Couples website is very useful, as stated before. I believe there is the extra charge to get married on the private island, around $4000....depends on what your budget is, but that was too much for us. Sandals was way too expensive for us, the basic wedding is inclusive if you stay 7 nights in a concierage level room ( the pricy ones). The Couples basic wedding package is free if you stay 3 nights in any one, which allowed us to do the honeymoon switch. Good luck on your decisions! We'll be at Tower Isle from 12/3 to 12/6
  2. cwbykitty

    What time is your ceremony?

    Quote: Originally Posted by selassie11 doesn't it though?...i will say one of the dangers of this forum is that it's giving me TOO many ideas...and i LOVE it! so TODAY, i'm leaning towards a sunday morning wedding, followed by a "mimosa hour", followed by a brunch. finish up about 1/1:30...guests (and newlyweds) have four hours to self (hang out by pool, laze in a hammock, go to beach) and then we take them on a sunset cruise as a final to-do. everybody checks out monday a.m. and we're off to the other side of the island for our honeymoon! now of course, nothing's set with me yet. but i found this link 10.01.09 Christi and Scott | Excellence Riviera | Photos by Matt on an older thread and it reminded me how i love tropical mornings. i love how bright and vibrant to colors pop in the photos! I believe you can not get married in Jamaica on Sundays or Holidays
  3. username - cwbykitty couple - Evelyn & Joe Location - Couples San Soici Wedding Date - Dec. 01,2010
  4. cwbykitty

    Im a Secrets Wild Orchid B2B!!!!!

    Me too! Getting married on 12/02/10! Already dreaming of the sun and water while I watch the snow fall outside. I can't wait to hear details from the brides getting hitched before me. Congrats to us all
  5. cwbykitty

    Secrets Montego Bay and St. James!

    These resorts have also caught my attention for my Dec 2010 wedding. Everything brand new sounds nice! Thanks for the information, I'm going to check out their FB pages.
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    Hello everyone! My name is Evelyn, me and my fiance, Joe, have been engaged for 3 years and are finally getting married this year We are just in the beginning planning stages, but I do know we are doing a ceremony with just the 2 of us, somewhere in the Caribbean/Mexico, in December. After our "Weddingmoon", we are going to FL for a wedding celebration for my family and friends. A few months later we are having a celebration in PA for his family and freinds. All of this on a limited budget. It's taking me awhile to realize we are finally planning a wedding and I am feeling overwhelmed, but excited. This forum will be a very important tool on my research. Thanks in advance for all your help!