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  1. We're getting married on a Carnival cruise!
  2. Ditto the pp, I'm 5'8" - but can I ask where you purchased it? It's GORGEOUS!
  3. I'm definitely doing them - we're getting married on a cruise and you need to carry your "Sign and Sail" card/key card around for everything!
  4. We're also sending out formal invites - ONLY to those who have booked (they would've had to by now - we're getting married on a cruise) - we used the following wording: Â Because love should be celebrated... Â Chuck XXX and Emily YYY Â look forward to sharing with you the sun, the sea and the memories of their wedding ceremony Monday, the tenth of January Two thousand eleven aboard the Carnival Inspiration
  5. I'm curious to hear about this too as we're doing the same thing!
  6. Ditto the other girls... I guess it's best that it happened before you got married
  7. We're doing fucshia & orange with hints of lime green - who says you can't have 3 colors? Â I *wish* we were getting married on the beach - that pic posted above is GORGEOUS!!! We're getting married on a cruise, but having pics taken on the beach at one of the ports, so I can only hope for a gorgeous blue sky with my pink, orange, and green flowers! Â
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