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  1. Let me know if you find anything! I am looking for a cute, long white dress for the TTD session too. I'm fine getting a used wedding dress even, but would prefer to spend only about $50 on it.
  2. Thanks so much for this info, I sent my questions to Yazmin and hopefully will get a response soon. We've tried calling the resort for a few days and cannot get through. Finally got a response to an email I sent out TWO MONTHS ago yesterday, but it is totally outdated and just so frustrating. Could you please email me the script as well? dimesnnix@gmail.com. Thank you! LOL...is this ridiculous to anyone else? Brides are paying to buy their own sashes, etc and then leave them at the resort and the hotel is charging new brides to use something the hotel never even paid for?!? Wow.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by MaR Hello ladies! I know you love pictures... so here is my wedding slideshow. We got married on July 4th and it was amazing! Ana was great, she works really hard to please you, so dont worry! everything will be taken care of once you get there... 04072010DRERC_SYED - SYED Beautiful!! Congrats on being a Mrs.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by dianep we are planning a super low-key AHR. we're just having people over for a BBQ in our backyard. we're doing an open-house style party starting in the afternoon and going until people are done. not wedding reception-like at all, but just a chance to get together with our friends and family to celebrate. we're only having a dozen guests in mexico, so it'll be great to see everyone and enjoy. we also plan to have a slide show going inside so people can get a feel for the experiences we'll have in mexico. This is what we want to do as well, just a low-key BBQ in our backyard. I work for a restaurant so we may just get some food catered through them at a discount, have beer and sangria and maybe margaritas. We were thinking of setting up volleyball nets and/or croquet in the yard. We have a huge deck that should seat everyone as long as the party is somewhat staggered. When did you send out invites for the AHR backyard BBQ? How did you do the wording to convey that it is an open-house party?
  5. Found this - feels perfect for us and I think it's a good starting point!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by SDSteph I saw them at target for really cheap! =) Check the dollar section Oh, great idea! I love Target
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by simplnsweet ok, got it. i think.. Love it!!!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by buix0058 Does anybody know if the arch (or whatever it is called) and white drapes are included if you do a beach ceremony? THANK YOU!! The arch and the white drapes are included if you the beach ceremony. If you want colored drapes, that is extra. Quote: Originally Posted by BethAnne Just want to warn you so there are no surprises.. at first I thought it was just 40$ on upgraded wine also.. but after I made the reservation Ana e-mailed and said it all goes according to how many guests you have, and its per couple.. so if you have 10 guests- the minimum amount you'd have to spend on wine is 300$- which is ridiculous.. so i cancelled it. I think they have a way of saying things that isnt totally concrete or fully explained.. and then there are all these surprises as far as extra charges go. =( Just want you to know!! =) Hmm...now I am very torn on this. I keep going back and forth on where to have dinner. Obviously the option that would make the most sense financially would be to just have dinner at one of the restaurants (as previously mentioned) but I did want something that is at least semi-private. Paying $300+ on wine seems ridiculous to me but it is still much less than paying for a private dinner on the deck. Was anyone there last September that can tell me what the hotel was like as far as capacity? Was getting a reservation at the restaurants difficult? Are there any restaurants that have sections you can rope off or that would be somewhat private? I had no problem spending the money for the Dreams in Love package but with about 15 people, I feel like I should save that money and use if for the AHR where we are expecting 70+.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by StephyD Are we allowed to have them in our suitcases? On second thought, probably not. At first I thought maybe in your checked luggage, but I think any "fireworks" at all are not allowed. You could check with the hotel and see if you can ship them there. Might be a big hassle though.
  10. Hi ladies. Starting to get a little stressed out about the communication thing as well. I emailed Ana a month and a half ago and still have not gotten a response. I thought the closer you got to your wedding, the quicker she would be responding? I'm going to try calling her today, but I wanted to reserve the wine room and now I'm not so sure. You have to buy at least $40 in upgraded wine per couple? I don't want to bother with the wine room if it's going to cost $300 or $400 - still seems ridiculous to me for an all-inclusive resort and I doubt everyone would want to drink all that wine anyway. I'm trying to be calm but my wedding is in two months. I know destination weddings are different and hopefully everything will be worked out once we get there, but it's hard.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by nmurch well i know this picture isnt your colours but i think it's simple and fabulous..... maybe you could do somthing like this but in your colours, like little candy in a glass or somthing (.. flowers you have to throw away, why not osmthing your guests can eat or enjoy)... goodluck.!! Wow, I like it. What a great idea...I wanted to do candy favors anyway and this way they're right in the center of the table! Genius!! Thank you!
  12. Love this thread. My colors for our AHR are orange and fuchsia with a touch of turquoise. Bumping this thread for more ideas. BTW - followed all of the links for the orange and pink shoes but they are sold out.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by roo66 ooohhh I went to a wedding fair today and they had three goldfish bowls stacked sitting on a mirror tile with fusha pink gel like stuff and then one orange gerbera sitting on the top.It looked fab and i think one bowl would look just as good rather than three sat on top of one another That does sound very nice, I like the idea of the pink gel. Originally I really wanted to go with Gerbera daisies but decided on more tropical flowers, like hibiscus, oriental lilies, and/or orchids. Quote: Originally Posted by hockeymom97 I know there's at least one thread already on this - http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...r-theme-52094/ If you search for "fuchsia" under the flowers/decoration topic I'm sure you'll find a bunch of stuff. Ok, I will look there. I was actually hoping to find pics with both fuchsia and orange and blue too but maybe there will be something in there. Thank you!
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