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  1. Hi Jenna, Â All of the decor was by Tai Flora. We didn't have to bring any of it down. If you email them a picture of what they want they'll let you know if they can supply it all for you or not. Â
  2. Hi,  Thanks!  I used Sheila's Bakery. Our cake was $350 and we asked for a size big enough for 40 people even though we had 79 guests and there was enough for everyone. We even got to keep the top tier for ourselves.  The flowers on the cake were provided by Tai Flora.  Sheila's email address is: movery34@yahoo.com  Telephone number is: 1-876-974-2743 Â
  3. So I just heard back from RIU today. They have offered us a free week all inclusive stay at any of their resorts in Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico or Costa Rica. Sunquest also sent us a $300 travel voucher for our flights as they're not included in the RIU offer. We're happy with that. We decided to go with Costa Rica as we've already been to all of the other countries. We have from now until August 2011 to use it so we have time to plan. Â It was a pain to get in contact with them but it paid off to keep on them! They were really apologetic for the crap we had to deal with on
  4. Hi, Â Sorry for responding so late but I just checked back at this post. Â The site for my husband's ring is www.tungstenworld.com Â
  5. Email your complaints to ALL of these email addresses:  customerserviceamericas01@riu.com weddings@riu.com faguilar@riu.com and clubhotel.ochorios@riu.com  I'm not sure what the actual prices are either because when I was there for our wedding, other couples were charged different prices for things we had booked as well. The WC I had to deal with when we were there told me all the prices I had been quoted were wrong except the $1000 to book the Plantation restuarant for 4 hours. And these were prices that were listed on the RIU site as well. I really don't know how anyone can re
  6. Sorry to hear about all that. Even though we save a tonne of money by doing a destination wedding, we still bring a lot of money to the resort. It was just over $1600/person for our guests to come and we had 79 people. RIU makes a lot of money off of weddings because that's 79 people who would not have been going to the ROR if it wasn't for our wedding. They should take that into consideration for everyone.  Email your concerns/complaints to these email addresses:  customerserviceamericas01@riu.com weddings@riu.com faguilar@riu.com and clubhotel.ochorios@riu.com  You ha
  7. I think Tina was just a temporary replacement for Chandlyn until they found a new WC.
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