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  1. Hey Ladies, For anyone who has been down to the resort lately- how is the weather during the day and night? Temperature? Windy? Getting married in about 6 weeks and trying to get an idea of what to expect! Thanks in advance!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by roxmysockz Hey, I booked mine just after xmas this year and it took her around 2 weeks to send the details to pay the deposit then another week after sending to confirm the reciept! Then the contract the following week! x Thanks Sockz!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by 21aholden I sent my deposit in via e-mail (I scanned the c.c. and info) about 2 weeks ago. I got an e-mail from Yazmin a few days later saying the funds would be taken out soon. The money was taken out within a week. I still have not received a contract but Ana said I should be getting that soon. I have noticed I get a lot faster of a response when I talk with Yazmin instead of Ana. Good Luck! Thank you! I finally figured out how to resize my info so I can send it in an email...the stress is subsiding!
  4. Hello Ladies, Not such a fun topic but I need some help. I've been trying to get my deposit to Ana for the last month and a half. I faxed it 6 weeks ago only to hear that she didn't receive it 4wks after the fact. I reluctantly faxed it a second time after having an extremely rare email back and forth with Ana on Thursday. I asked her to please contact me immediately when she received my info. (011.52.998.848.7001 is the fax I used) It is now Sunday...no reply. How did you all submit your deposits? How long did it take for confirmation? Do I have the correct fax? I called the Dreams Corp and that is what they gave me. Sooooooo frustrated....any help is appreciated! Thx
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by lstaff anyone have any tips for turning your mind off of wedding things? surely im not the only one losing sleep because of wedding planning! So true...I had a dream last night I got an awful haircut right before my wedding! Time for that massage I've been wanting...
  6. Hey ladies- A new topic...( to me anyway!) What's the payment scheduling like? I put my deposit in last week and have about 10 months until my wedding. Looking into the Ultimate package...
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by lorijfletcher Great, thanks! When is your wedding? There are 2 other weddings on my same day, so I want to get the locations nailed down, if possible. Lori, I'm surprised there are 2 OTHER weddings on your wedding day. I asked Ana about this situation and she assured me they are only allowed two weddings per day. My friend got married in Cabo last year and she told me they had originally placed the receptions right next to each other (!)...she told me to be sure before signing your contract you have the privacy and site that you want in writing. I'm sure you'll get everything you want, this is what they do after all!
  8. Ana got back to me today!!! She'll be deducting our deposit this week...in the meantime I'm going to contact my bank as per Laura's suggestion. Hope some more of you got emails too!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by FutureMrsRobart I'm still waiting for her to send me the contract and take payment. She emailed me confirming my date and time, letting me know the security deposit. I emailed her back asking should I just send my VISA in the email, call, wait for a wedding contract to fill it in and fax it back and .... nothing. That was 3 weeks ago. I just hope my verbally confirmed date and her not asking for my payment yet doesn't effect one another. I think I'm going to call Mexico again today I guess :-s I also had this experience. She did, however, email me a document so I could fax my deposit. I did so about a week and a half ago and am waiting for funds to be withdrawn. No contract yet...
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by lilly129 I highly suggest using a TA - it's sooooo much easier! Mine keeps me updated on who booked, who requested quotes but never got back to her etc... We set up a website as well - and we have a section on there for "Travel Information" Under that we wrote - there are two ways for you to book your travel to our wedding: 1. Using our Travel Agent - then we listed her contact information, what she'll need to get you booked, her price match information and payment information (no fee, but a deposit is required, full payment due 60 days before travel) 2. Book on your own - we stressed that if something were to go wrong (flight cancellation etc) you'd be on your own (although we said it nicer then that!) but here are a few websites the help you - then we listed the Dreams Website. Be sure to remind people that it's Dreams Riviera Cancun NOT Dreams Cancun...that's my biggest fear for people people booking on thier own. Then on the response card for our invitations we have line that says: Arrival Date: Arrival Time: So we can keep track. does that help? Thank you so much-that is very helpful! Think I have an idea of where to start now
  11. Oh, and another issue- I really don't know where to start as far as getting everyone to the wedding. I have ppl coming from Iowa, NY, and Philly. Did you guys go with a TA, call the hotel, have ppl book online? This is my main priority right now and the source of much anxiety...any help would be appreciated!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by saymyname74 Okay,then the sunset on my wedding day is 5:56pm , and our ceremony is set for 4 pm. That should work just fine! Oh man...I haven't heard from Ana in a LONG time and now I'm wondering if I should request moving mine to 4pm too Like they say...no good party starts on time!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by saymyname74 Ladies I need your opinion..My wedding is in March and the sunset is at 5:56 p.m. What time should I have my ceremony ? I want to take pictures afterwards also. I'm getting married in February and Ana placed my wedding at 4:30. I assume she knows the sunset times for this time of year and that most brides want pictures after the ceremony in order to keep their appearance secret. As a back up, I looked up the sunset time online and I found it to be around 6pm.
  14. Hi everyone- I'm in Brooklyn, NY and have never used a travel agent before. Does anyone have any recommendations for a travel agent in the NY area (does that matter?) who specializes in DRC? Thanks!
  15. Carina- Congratulations and thanks for your review! It's both comforting and unnerving to know that most things will be done in the few days before the wedding...but I guess it's a great incentive to go in knowing exactly what you want. Research, research, research, ladies!
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