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  1. Well it feels good to know that I am not alone. I didn't mean to turn this into my personal 'whoa is me site', but I really do appreciate all the kind words. And you are right... the staff is wonderful. Instead of a reception dinner, Richard decided we should have a 'party' dinner. Ryan was awesome too... he was our own personal DJ during the party dinner. I know Kerry is a little slow on returning emails but rest assured, as your day gets closer, she will be in closer contact. She even showed up to my party dinner. You simply cannot have a bad time here!
  2. Thanks for the positive words... they really help. And yes, it really is the best place to be during something like that. Just let me know how I can get pictures to anyone who wants to see... I am not a full member so I cannot post.
  3. Hello ladies, I am back from Jamaica. Unfortunately I cannot say it was a great trip as my ex fiance let cold feet overtake him- yes, no wedding. However, I really wanted to let you guys know what a BEAUTIFUL place this is. As despressed as I am, I figured I could give someone some good news! Do not be put off by the drive from the airport to the hotel- it ended up being a hot and bumpy two hours. Once we got to the resort they were waiting for us with cold towels and rum punch. Check in is flawless. After I told the staff my delima they were all sincerely apologetic. Each and everyone one of them came to me at some point to offer apologies and ask if they could do anything for me. They threw me a party on the night that was to be the ceremony. The staff is great, the grounds are gorgeous. I truly cannot say enough good things about this place. Granted I do not have any wedding pictures, but I do have pictures if anyone would like to see. @Mallory- I don't know what kind of candles are lining the edge in Lauren's pictures but they did provide candles (shaped like lanterns) around the cliffs. hopefully this puts some of your worries to rest.
  4. Alright ladies, I'm off to Jamaica early in the morning. Sounds like it will be a good time. Will definately post reviews.
  5. Congrats Lauren! Sounds like you had a blast and that everything went even better than planned. I wish i could see your pics (but i'm pretty technologically illiterate and cannot figure out how to open them since the site will not let me) but it sounds like it was gorgeous. You've made me even more excited about mine :-)
  6. They may or may not give you some wiggle room. Depending on the time of year, it may be a little less expensive. Depending on how many people book at MDC in your wedding party, you can have that many people who come from other hotels to the wedding at MDC (and not be charged for entering the resort). If ten people have booked w/ your wedding party, you can have ten offsite guest.
  7. Good to know, since mine is coming up. I hope I get one too!
  8. @lbcs, I am bringing a photographer in from the states too- prices seemed pretty comparable. @Mietra- I was looking into the steel drum band too- but I don't know how long everyone wants to listen to them for though (plus we have a small amount of guest, so I know we won't be burning up the dance floor). How long are you using them for? For anyone staying at the Cliffs- make sure u mention if you want pics done at the beach- they may have to move the ceremony time in order to fit them in.
  9. My friend used the spa services there for her hair, she liked it. My wedding is in less than 60 days and I'm finding I have more and more questions for the coordinator- typical stress time mode I guess. We will be using an ipod for the reception too- the DJ MDC recommended seems way overpriced. (I'd rather spend the money on the fire dancer we got!). Anyone have any song recommendations for the wedding processional?
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by negrildreamer those look great. i have the resort in my RSS feed and noticed this photographer just posted pictures from Moon Dance as well. I can't tell if it is for Moon Dance Cliffs or Villas though. Moon Dance Cliffs / Moondance Villas Weddings This is actually a good friend of mine and the reason I decided on MDC!
  11. No, I have a ton to do also! Today is actually the day I need to confirm all my rooms. I did get the reception worked out though. We have such a small party that we are going to skip the DJ and dancing and go with a fire dancer and a couple hours of a steel drum band. I'm actually flying my photographer in from Florida, so I don't know of any videographers in the area. I'm sure they can recommend though
  12. Hi, I am trying to find a steel drum band along w/ some sort of fire dancer for our reception. It is very small and I would like something different then the regular DJ and dancing. my ceremony will be in Negril in May, so i'm a little bit behind. I appreciate any help. Thanks
  13. I too am having my wedding at MDC, in May actually- I can't wait. I look forward to participating in this thread.
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