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  1. Hey Becks!! Thanks for the info, I will try to be in contact with him before I site visit so I can go ahead and get him booked. I don't want to miss out on the lighted floor! Do you have his contact info? Our travel agent is taking care of everyone's rooms and flights, etc. She got a great rate through one of her booking people (I have no idea how it all works). So we put a 50 $$ deposit down per room, so now all our guests have to do is call her, give them their city and which days they want to be there and she arranges flights, airport transfers, hotel, everything. She has been amazing throughout this whole process! Yeah, when I mentioned waiting till 2011 to my fiance he quickly vetoed that and said, NOPE, we will make this happen! I am glad he did! I can't wait to marry him!
  2. Thank you! We want that lighted dance floor too! Who did you book that through. the actual DJ or someone different? Yeah, we are looking for a DJ too but I figured we would "Interview" some when we go down for our site visit in April. We haven't been working with Luis, there are a few girls that work under him and our wedding coordinator/travel agent here in the states has been doing all the "work". So I actually haven't even spoked with anyone down there. I am thrilled! I got my dress and my bridesmaids got theirs (from Victoria's Secret, SO cute)! And we ordered our save the dates yesterday. So we are checking things off on our "to-do" list. May 2011? You have tons of time to plan! I bet you are so excited! We got engaged at a really awkward time (holiday season) and we wanted to get married this summer. A 6 month engagement didn't give us a whole lotta time, but we are making do! Keep us posted on your plans! PS - Love that color dress you are wearing in your picture Becks!
  3. YAY!!! WE BOOKED IT!!! June 25th 2010. We originally were going for June 19th, but that date didn't work for some of my family, so some quick thinking and we booked for a Friday instead of a Saturday. Hoping it will be beautiful! Can't wait to marry the man of my dreams! Any suggestions on florists? We have a photographer in the family, so that is taken care of, but as far as florists and "dance floor" providers for the beach, any ideas? Thanks ladies!! Holly
  4. Hi Ladies!! Wow! I am so glad I found this! I have so many questions. My fiance and I are looking at the Iberostar Lindo for a July 30th wedding. Here are my questions: 1. Did you have a private dinner or were you stuck in with other guests at the a la carte restaurants? 2. Did you have a private reception or were you stuck in the "disco" with all the other guests? (see a pattern here :-) ) 3. Were there a TON of people sitting there in their bikinis watching you say "I do"? I have a ton more questions but those are the "Top 3", so lets stick with those for now. Thanks so much ladies and CONGRATS to all of you on your recent/upcoming weddings! Holly
  5. @AshManahan - thanks for the info, and as soon as Holly & I have a chance to look through it together we'll get in touch. Can anyone give any info on the state of the beach / water at the resort? We've seen pictures on Tripadvisor of pretty blue water, but also read in many reviews that the water is dirty/cloudy/dark due to the river(s) dumping in to the ocean near the resort. That is basically our last sticking point on making a decision. Thanks!
  6. Hello everyone! This thread is full of great information, thanks so much! Holly and I are "late to the game" as we were just engaged at the end of Nov and we'd like to have a 2010 summer wedding. In our favor, we are planning a small simple ceremony, but want it to be somewhere beautiful and the HTR seems to fit in so many ways! We're ready to put the deposit down on the wedding date - the only outstanding issue is that there are no preset wedding packages for us to compare possible costs to other resorts. If anyone would be willing to share costs for items that are part of your wedding (provided by the hotel), either posted here or via private email, please let me know. Thanks in advance, and we'll share more here for others as we get info from the Hacienda. David and Holly