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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by oasisgirl Hi ladies, Does anyone know of good decoration rental/wedding coordinators for Dreams Tulum? I currently have the silver package and all the adds-on are getting really expensive! I tried to downgrade my meal to the $20 menu to lower the cost of having extra guests but I was told that they don't serve the restaurant menu for wedding?! Did I ask for the wrong thing? Do you guys know of any outside vendor fee (vendors other than photographers)? Chair bows... I'm looking for 20 chair bows for the ceremony...in either blue (tiffany or slightly darker) or chocolate brown... where can I find them? Drapes/Fabics for the gazebo... Is anyone selling theirs or giving it away (good karma! I'll be sure to pass it on when I'm done too =D )? How did you guys make yours? I'm completely lost. Thanks so much everyone! My wedding is in ~75 days and am starting to get stressed!!! =( Hey. I'm actually getting married may 14th at DT. I have chocolate tool for bows for the chairs maybe we can both use them. Ill write u later when I get off.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by angruck Hi Danielle, Just wanted to let you know we used the ballroom and it was the best choice possible! we avoided rain on my day and in addition we had the cocktail our in the outside lobby area of the ballroom---it was beautiful! Awesome.. I am soo Excited.. Ive looked at some photo's of receptions in the ballroom and they look AMAZING. I just hope that i can reserve it. Did you reserve the Ball Room in Advance?
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Cheri Hey Danielle! Nice to meet another Denver bride! I see what you're saying with the pictures and sunlight. I know the sun sets around 7:30 that time of year so I guess I was thinking either I'll need to take some pics before the ceremony or basically miss cocktail hour. I do like the timing of it all though because I figure the ceremony will be from 6-6:30, cocktail hour from 6:30-7:30 and then reception from 7:30-10:30. I was told the receptions were only 3 hours and that they had to end by 10:30. I know it will all be crammed in there, I just didn't want there to be a lulll in between anything. Anyway, are you bringing decor with you? I am so back and forth with this. Cheri, Sorry its been a while since i responded. Ive been so busy and stressed. But Yeah i am taking decor with me. I am actually planning on bringing everything with me. I was reading that some past brides tried sending stuff to the Resort but didnt clear customs. I have spoke with past brides that said they took some candy and as long as they had reciepts there were able to take the items. Also Once you land in Cancun there is a Wal*Mart so that if you forget anything you could go there!! i think from the resort it's a 2hour ride. Im not sure but thats also an Option. Well I hope you have a Great week...
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Cheri Hi Danielle! My ceremony is scheduled for 6pm as well. May I ask why you're trying to change the time? Cheri, How are ya?!? Are you soo Excited your wedding day is coming. it will be FUN!But i am considering changing my time because i was thinking if i have my ceremony at 6:00PM thats right around sunset(give or take a hour) and we wont have alot of time for Photo's. Also with a Cocktail hour that will take us to 7ish then you figure everyone will arrive at the dinner location around 7:30 that will give us only 3hours to cram in dinnder cake and a Dance with out having to pay a per person per hour fee after 10:30PM. so i think if we move it up we will have more time. Anywho.. I noticed your from Colorado.. So am I. But anyways.. you were asking about the lanterns and the resort. It's amazing. I Love all Dreams Resorts. But this one is very nice.. Large but nice. You will love it! if you have any questions or anything feel free to ask. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!!!
  5. UsernameTurner51410 Names: Levi and Danielle Date & Time: May 14, 2010, 6pm(trying to move it to 4:30 or 5) Wedding package: Ultimate Wedding extras (through the resort): upgraded bouquet, 4tier cake, large centerpieces. That's all for now. Outside vendors (cost charged by vendor and any fees charged by the resort): Chris Takigi photographer and maybe DJ Mannia Type of ceremony: Symbolic Coordinator: Aurora Number of guests: 34 including bride and groom. Ceremony location and time: Beach @ 6(trying to change time.) Cocktail hour location and time: unsure. Reception location and time: Ballroom. ?-10:30 Photographer:Chris Takigi and resort Videographer: Resort Review (link): Photos (link): Video (link): Planning thread (link): Wedding website (link): Special arrangements / activities: snorkeling night in Cancun the ruins.
  6. Hey ladies!!! I'm not sure if anyone has tried to E-mail dreams lately but the E-mail address has changes to; infoweddings.dretu@dreamsresorts.com Happy Valentine's Day!
  7. Hey ladies!!! I'm not sure if anyone has tried to E-mail dreams lately but the E-mail address has changes to; infoweddings.dretu@dreamsresorts.com Happy Valentine's Day!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Tammy Host Hey Everyone, I was just informed that DJMannia is having a promotion starting in April for the Best destination wedding forum members. All BDW Members that book them will get 30% off just for the Cancun and Riviera Maya weddings. UPDATE 2/04/2010: this promotion has ended but they have extended it for brides that book them for their wedding now until the end of february. Wow, that's a great deal.. I have a quick quesion. How do I contact him?! Ive tried through his link on the website and no response. Also do u have any recommendations for reasonable photographers? Ive tried the market place and can't find where to look. I hope to hear from ya soon. Thanks
  9. Hey Guys.. I am having some trouble finding a photographer in Mexico for my wedding.. Im getting Married at Dreams Tulum... I was wondering if anyone has any ideas?!? Also if anyone has any ideas on a DJ?! Thanks....
  10. Hey Guys.. I hope everyone is having a Great Monday!! But I have a few questions.... I am looking at having a DJ does anyone have any recomendations for one who is resonable?!? WE are also looking for an out side photographer to bring in for Pictures of the ceremony as well as the resection. Any Suggestions?!? I am in the final stages of planning and i wish i would of found the site earlier..
  11. Amazing Review... After looking at your review and how amazing your wedding was really makes me wish my Wedding date was here. I have just a few questions..... ** How did you get Jelly Beans there?!? did you have the WC buy them?!? I LOVE the candy vases! very cute.. ** if you could recomend 3 things to spend my money on weather it be Photographer, Reseption, etc what would you recomend?!? ** Is there any advice you would give?!? I am so excited and i cant wait to experiance what you got to experiance at DT... Congratulations on your Wedding! Danielle Bride to be May 14 2010
  12. hey guys my name is Danielle and I am getting married on May 14th 2010 at Dreams Tulum. I have currently bee working with Auora in their wedding deoartment, she has been a great help but I am just wanting some advice-ideas. We will be having 40 guests at the resort for our wedding which I'm sure you are all aware of can get pricy, after adding in costs for the guests. Did anyone seem to get help on rates and prices? we have been communicating through e-mail which is hard, I've sent photo's and I still seem to be having a hard time communicatinh what I want for my special day. I've been asking questions on decorating, cake, and stay and the only response I seem to be getting is, you can bring it or for an additional cost we can do that. I understand they are a business and they need to make money, but I donno. my fiance and I went to mexico last may and viewed the resort and it's amazing so if anyone is considering dreams tulum it's an amazing resort any of the dreams. If any one has any advice, ideas, or suggestions please feel free.. Hope everyone has a great super bowl sunday.. danielle bride-to-be may 14 2014 PS. I had to fill out the same paper work that asked for our guests information and my family as well as my fiancee's was causing travel problems. So I asked auora if I could get back to her once I received that information and that was fine with her. It seems to me Dreams is very accomidating to some things.. But if you have anyother questions feel free to ask.
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