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  1. Ok ladies I just arrive yesterday and it is beautiful. I am really busy with the final arrangements but I am so happy I came here... I will keep you posted, ask me any questions and I will answer them.
  2. So I spoke to Lisa today the manager at the Miami office and I have to say she was wonderful. She calmly listen to each concern, and addressed every single one. All of my issues have been fixed, she even offered to call my unhappy guest, and apologize. Lorena also promised she would tie up some loose ends today, not only did she complete the task she gave me a follow up call to confirm. I guest my issues kept snowballing and I should have spoke up sooner. I have to say I am happy now and ready for Cancun!!!!!
  3. So my Miami WC is Lorena I really tried to be patient with her but it's one mistake after another. Lisa is the manager and I hope she calls me on Monday. I had Carilis at the begining and Lorena took over. I had some issues with Carilis but no one is perfect, Lorena makes me want to pull my hair out. I will keep you ladies posted I hope this situation improves. Maybe I will request Carilis back. I'm just so upset with the entire process.
  4. I have had a horrible experience with the Miami office. Here is the email I sent to my WC in Miami. I usually never complain but they are taking advantage of my kindness. Email to WC below I never received a call back from your manager, which you promised she would call me back within 2 hours. Nor did I receive a follow up call from you to make sure my issue was resolved. Like I said before I am very upset with the customer service I, and my guest have received from your office. Their has been many mistakes, delayed response time, and misinformation on your end that resulted in my guest cancelling and or changing their mind to continue booking with you. I now have many guest who will not attend my wedding because they feel your office is incompetent and don't feel comfortable booking with you. They feel the resort will be the same way and don't want problems all the way in mexico. After I vented to you on the phone today and explained all the problems your office created, I didn't even receive a call back, which you promised I would. My guest are correct about your office, and unfortunately I can't convince them otherwise. Now I have to suffer and not have them at my wedding, this is unfair and preventable. Today is a prime example of which my guest and I have had to deal with plenty of times with your office ie loosing personal information, not follow through with bookings, misinforming me and my guest, delayed response time, and promising to call back which you don't. Other issues I and my guest have had to deal with are the following: link not working properly for over a month, not knowledgeable of what we can use the resort credits for, spreading my guest out between different sides of the resort, telling my guest they don't have a room for them even though I had a room hold, not following the contract in regards to deposits and holding rooms, and not knowing the answers to my guest questions about the resort. With all of these issues my maid of honor and one bridesmaid cancel their reservation and 5 other people got fed up with the link not working and the delay in response time. Then when they spoke to someone their was one issue after another they didn't feel comfortable releasing their credit card information to you. So this resulted in them not attending my wedding. This has been a devastating and stressful experience for me, and my fiancée due to your lack of competence. I feel my wedding has been ruined and many of my guest that decided to come are unhappy with your office. This process should not have been this difficult and stressful but thanks to your office my wedding planning has been one of the worst experiences for me. I will never book with your office again Please forward this to Lisa your manager
  5. I am dealing directly with Deco Cancun for my wedding at Moon Palace here is thecontact email I've been communicating with katie@decocancun.com. She responds very quickly.. Good luck
  6. I am having my wedding at Moon Palace Resort Cancun from my understanding it's per table $400 and that includes everything.
  7. Hello everyone I am getting married Nov 14 in Mexico. So much to still do I'm getting nervous
  8. I've noticed they are creating all these surcharges. I have a questions for your decorations did you go through your WC or decocancun directly for negotiating?? My wedding is 2 weeks after your and I feel so unprepared,
  9. Dose anyone know do I do my negotiation for my Decor with the WC or decocancun???
  10. Here is the tour guys email..xesquivel@palaceresorts.com. What is the golf persons email?
  11. I'm having my wedding at the Moon Palace Resort, but I want to change Palace resorts for our honeymoon. Which Palace resort is the best????
  12. I have the same WCs in Miami and Valeria. Carilis always responds within a day or so. But I agree Valeria takes a long time. I couldn't even get my first choice locations and had to settle even though I requested it in Feb.. Anyhow I'm very nervous how this is going to turn out. I also noticed their initial quotes for items are high and they will negotiate with you. This is frustrating because I feel like I am getting ripped off. Lets keep our fingers crossed. Â Â
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