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  1. Just called for mine! Hope they are here in time!!! Only about 30 days to go.....
  2. I love this idea!! I was planning on doing something similar with postcards, but I might just stick with something like this!! Very creative, thanks so much!
  3. I love the idea! Thanks so much for sharing!!! I think I may borrow this one!
  4. We plan to do the postcard thing as well. There are some other websites like Zazzle where you can get postcards for specific places too. We are either going to get some type of book for the guests to put them in or maybe some type of treasure chest or basket to collect them (later I would put them into a scrapbook or something similar). Good luck everyone!!!
  5. Oh yea, I am totally not digging the idea of him proposing at the wedding to the GF. I think it is very disrespectful as well. The wedding should be all about you and your hubby! And I think especially since you are getting married away that the days leading up to the wedding too should be all about the 2 of you. I think that proposing after might be ok- maybe toward the end of their stay... but not too keen on the idea at all! For our wedding, I want the focus on me and the hubby, and not on another couple. It might be a little selfish, but hey! You only get married once... or at least maybe once
  6. We decided to not do OOT bags so much, but thank you bags. I think most people are going to bring the necessities that most people put in OOT bags, so we decided we would rather do a few nice gifts. We are still deciding on final items, but a few ideas we came up with to include: CD of our fav Jamaican hits, possibly a mug or cup with wedding date on it/ names, for the boys- a Red Stripe Tshirt/ red stripe beer mugs, playing cards with a copy of the Jamaican "Kalooki" card game rules, for the girls-some yummy smelling coconut body creme I found a TJ MAXX/Marshalls, Jerk Seasoning. possibly a photo frame as well. We wanted to give them some items that were more like actual gifts as a thank you for traveling and spending the money to be at our wedding. I just bought those white craft bags from Michael's, and I am making cute orange/pink tags for the girls bags, and blue/green for the boys. I am going to also add tissue paper in them to match the bags. I think these should turn out pretty nice. As soon as i have them done- I will post pics. Should be fairly soon- wedding is coming up in a little over 1 month! Good luck everyone!
  7. Im having the same problem girls! Im a C cup and the Bandeau tops are difficult to make work for me. I havent had any luck either. All the stores are running out of swim now, I guess I waited too long. I just ordered bikini's from VS, so I think I will see how they fit, and if they fit good maybe try ordering a bandeau one from there too. Let me know if you have any luck anywhere!
  8. We chose 4pm- I looked up the predictions for the Sunset times. I wanted both nice sunny pics and also some sunset. We should have plenty of time to get both! We also wanted to have the last wedding of the day and not feel rushed. Also, we thought that afterward we can go to one of the resort restaurants for dinner, and they will likely have some form of entertainment that evening as well. So just seemed to be the best option for us!
  9. We will be having about 12 guests. Right now it's up to 10 and 2 more are expected to book soon.
  10. Hey all! Wanted to post about a couple other cute items that should be fairly inexpensive to do for a thank you bag. My fiance and I are talking about making our own "favorite jamaican recipies" book to add in the bags! The cover could be really cute and personalized and we even though about renaming the receipies to make it more personalized! You could print the recipies/pics out off the comp, and get some type of smaller bound booklet (maybe one of those tiny scrap books) to add them into! Also, thought about making a personalized CD with our favorite jamaican hits!
  11. I love everything! Great job on it all!!!
  12. We are going with pink and orange as well! I thought it went so nicely together and it looks so tropical! Love it!!!!
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