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  1. If you utilize an outside vendor, they charge you a fee. If you utilize a travel agent (I used Cheryl Wilson at Destination Weddings) they will work the best deal possible. Good luck!
  2. I know the sound tech is expensive, but it's worth it. Depending on the wind and other noise at the resort, you may not be able to hear the music. We had 63 guests, so we had to have it. If your group is smaller, you might be ok. And DJ Mannia's dj team is awesome!!
  3. We love our photographers! I would suggest bringing al photog if you can afford them. Longer term relationship and they will actually get to know you guys definitely contact them and let them know that Tito and Alana referred you good luck and keep in touch. I also posted a full review
  4. Hi Nemmerz - I know from experience its easier said than done, but you have plenty of time to prepare. Cecilia was out sick on Wednesday. I suggest emailing Cecilia and make your subject line "request for wedding contract". This will help her prioritize emails. Once this is done, you wont talk to her again until 60 days out. If you are doing a symbolic ceremony, they can prepare your wedding in three days. They have one or two weddings everyday - one on the beach, one at the wedding gazebo. Time of day is a question better answered closer to your wedding day. Cecilia can tell you where the sun will be. You will love this resort! And the staff will bend over backwards to make your day special Let me know if you have any other questions. Here is a link to a few of our wedding kits: http://jpruettphotography.com/blog/?p=65
  5. Hey gang - we're still here, but our wedding was on Saturday. Everything was perfect! Gabi! The flowers and the decorations were gorgeous!! I hate I didn't get to thank you in person Cecilia - was also amazing, she managed every detail! Our guests were in heaven and hated to leave. Stay tuned for a full review, but if you have any questions.. Please email or friend me on fb - Alana Moton
  6. Thanks so much! Gabi and I have communicated via email and I think We are finally on the same page. We're almost there!!
  7. November 6 - right after the hurricane season : ) make sure to tell your guests to buy their airline tickets early! a few of my folks thought they would wait for the prices to fall and they never did! they actually kept climbing! i am working with cheryl wilson at destination weddings and she is amazing!! let me know if you need further info on a travel agent (TA). decor for ceremony and reception - don't stress over this, i just started to plan two weeks ago. the resort, and Cecilia, definitely prioritize according to wedding date. but my advice to you is to decide on a theme or overall vibe - save pictures, pick flowers, how you want the tables decorated, etc. and then ask Cecilia to price things out for you. mexican themed bags - if you are going in early, go to playa del carmen and shop in the market. i'm hoping to find some good stuff! i have prepared favors - beach towels, koozies and wristbands (so the photographer will know who is with the wedding). i attached a photo. let me know if you need suggestions on vendors for logo and items i have also prepared a welcome bag - fruit snacks, pretzels, pepto bismol, advil, blistex individuals, granola bars, alcohol wipes..ordered from minimus.biz, amazon.com, and oriental trading shipping will be a HUGE issue - so if you don't want to carry it on or check it with your other luggage (which may cost you) then don't buy it. i bought beach bags and then realized it would cost me an arm and a leg to ship them there and then they were made it China, so i would have to pay extra fees.. ugh!! so i gave them away locally to folks who attended my bridal showers good luck and please reach out if you have any other questions
  8. Hi ya - I haven't been on the site in a bit. So welcome!! I'm getting married at Secrets Maroma on November 6. Not sure if you still need any ideas, but let me know. I have all kinds of stuff and I would be happy to help! We also have another forum that's about 65 pages long, but has lots of great info. When are you getting married?
  9. Hello ladies!! I can't believe we are so close. Has anyone worked with Gabi on reception decor?
  10. Hi ya - we arrive on November 3. Sad! I sent the resort a question on shipping. See below Shipping: I would like to ship some materials to the hotel. Will you send me instructions? Should I use UPS or FedEx? I recommend you to use FedEx , you can send the materials to Cecilia Reyes’ attention . the hotel address is : Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun Carretera Federal 307. Chetumal-Cancún Km. 306.5 Solidaridad, Q. Roo. México. 77710 What time is your wedding? We're booked for 3p, but I'm worried it will be too hot.
  11. Hello ladies! I haven't been here in forever! I am trying to catch up on all the posts and I always find excellent advice. Question: are any of you shipping your welcome bags? Thought we would be able to check them as luggage, but we need to ship 40 bags. Getting married on November 6, 35 rooms booked
  12. Sorry so late!!! Thanks everyone!! I have been in a planning haze... Invites are out, dresses are purchased.. now just little stuff until we ramp up again in late August How is the wedding planning going with you ladies?
  13. This is very helpful! And note to all - the wedding brochure on the website has been updated with lots of great information. here is the link: http://www.secretsresorts.com/weddin...ding_guide.pdf Cheers! Alana Quote: Originally Posted by melfry66 Hi Cheerleader Thank you and I don't mind at all. We did pay extra for some things. We had the Secrets Ultimate Package but we paid additional for the following: - 2 Bridesmaid bouquets @ $60 each - All of the table centerpieces that show the sandbox, starfish, candles and flowers. (I believe these were about $75 each and we had 5 tables). - The Tiffany chairs @ $5 per chair. - The napkins and the table runners Our cake was the standard cake that came with our package, but I asked Cecilia to dress it up with fresh flowers. That was no additional charge. We had desert as part of our meal, so no one really had the cake though. It was for pictures only for the most part. I brought all the rest of the decor with me (Tulle for the chairs, Fans, Parasols, table rocks, favors) and somehow managed to fit it all into 1 small carry on suitcase!! Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions and best of luck! Melinda
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