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  1. I am only a few days away from the big day at the palladium. Panic is really starting to get bigger!!! Â I have a question regarding tips, Erika and Rocio have been great help all along the way and I dont know if we are supposed to give them tips and how much. Â Any advice would be appreciated! Â thanks!
  2. Hi, I have been in touch with Luz Maria and she has very affordable prices and some pictures in her website look great. I have only found one review here about her. I'd love to hear if you have any experiences with her. There arent that many pictures in her website so I am not totally convinced. Please let me know if you've worked with her. Thanks
  3. Hi,, I am getting married in August at the Catholic chapel of the Grand Palladium Colonial. The WC are great and take care of everything. They also have packages for Catholic weddings. If you want images, google or youtube grand palladium colonial catholic chapel and you'd get good results. Good luck
  4. Hi, I'm getting married at the grand palladium on August 21st 2010, I'm having a private reception for about 80 - 100 guests and Erika told me I could choose the Laguna o el gran azul. For those of you you have seen both places, which one would you recommend? I know they are very similar and I dont know which one has a better view at night. My reception will start at 7pm. Also, if you want to share your expericences with photographers and DJ's, it'd be much appreciated. I've seen Del Sol's photos and they are nice, but I'd like to have some options in case they're booked. Thanks a lot!
  5. Has anybody bought on bestbridalprices.com or at storeofdress.com? I saw they carry some dresses I tried on and I'd like to buy une of them. They have them for considerably less than what they have them on the boutiques I tried them on initially. But I would like to know if you have had good or bad experiences with these places. Or if you could recommend a different website for purchasing online. Thanks a lot
  6. Hi, I'm getting married this summer in the Riviera Maya and I'm looking for my wedding dress. If anybody knows about good places to find good and affordable dresses in Toronto or the GTA I'd appreciate your advice. I dont know if there are outlets, or that kind of place around here. Another think is there anywhere in Toronto where you can find David's Bridal? I've seen some very good deals on dresses on their website but I'm terrified of ordering it online. Thanks a lot!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by RachelRoo WOW! We're back and had the most amazing wedding! Once we met with Sandra everything was a breeze. They were so accommodating with our guests needs (high chairs & vegetarian meals). I was very pleasantly suprised with how much was included in our package (romance), and loved the flowers and decorations. We brought our own photographer, but the package we purchased included the hotel photographer as well. His pictures are amazing! And he was very prompt and professional. My husband and I had the beach wedding of our dreams! Hi RachelRoo, Congratulations on your wedding! I am thinking of having mine this summer ath the NH riviera and have been talking to sandy who is super helpful. I'd love to see some pictures of your wedding, venue/setting of the dinner and the party, since Sandy doesn't seem to have many. Thanks a lot!
  8. Hi, I am considering having my wedding at the NH riviera, but since it is a catholic wedding I'd have to go to puerto morelos' chapel, have you worked for any wedding there? I'd love to see some samples and to have your quotes for a session this summer, including shoots of the party, getting ready, etc. Thanks a lot
  9. Hi, I am planning to get married at the gran palladium and I'd appreciate any information, good or bad reviews about your wedding there, did you have any bad moments with the planning there? I'd also love to hear about the venues you chose. I'm having a 80-100 guests wedding so dont know what to chose. Do you have pictures of the setting? Thanks a lot!
  10. Hi, I'm getting married in the mayan riviera this summer and I would like to know if you have any comments or suggestions about weddings at the Gran Palladium riviera, the NH riviera cancun, or the Gran caribe real cancun. I've been talking to their people but still have mixed feelings about making my final decision. Thanks a lot
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