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  1. Congrats and thanks for your review How many people did you guys invite? I hear to expect about half of your invited to not come...I'm not sure what to expect but know those that choose not to attend will be missing out! Cheers!
  2. I was told it's $20 pp if more than 8 people for ceremony chairs/ set up so assume that cost includes chair covers, runner ect. I am on the fence about music still because a lot of ladies say there isnt much time for dancing once dinner is over
  3. thank you both!! So, does the Infinity bar have a live band nightly? I have heard that dinner can be legnthy which doesnt leave much time for dancing. I have even been considering hiring a band or d.j. but if there is live music at one of the bars for free not sure I should bother....? Sorry you guys missed out on the dancing Michelle Erin
  4. So, you didn't get to dance at all at the reception or play music?? Gulp! I'm really expecting music & dancing. I was considering using the blue lagoon though, so not sure how much they vary. Did you guys play your ipod during cocktail hour? Did you have any troubles getting your photographers on the resort? I'm so anxious to hear your review and see your prof pix Congrats again! Erin
  5. Hi Kat, I'm interested in the same info so please let me know if you go down to check out the music! It's super important to me as well and i wonder if the reggae band plays any cover songs or just origional songs...?? Erin
  6. yay- you look beautiful and i'm so glad to hear you had a positive expereince!! can't wait to hear all the details
  7. Congrats!! You look beautiful, can't wait to read your review
  8. love your bags, so cute!! I will definitely check out vista print
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome!! So excited and thankful to have a year to plan!
  10. Hi all, So excited, we finally booked our date & resort today!! 1. Erin & Hans 2. Mar 5, 2011 3. Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa, Jamaica
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