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  1. We had our reception in the Italian restaurant. It was amazing the food was unbelievable the service was fantastic and absolutely no one had any complaints. We had 36 people in total and the way then set the tables up can be for more or less. I would definitely do it over in the same restaurant. The only thing I would suggest is if you have younger kids to get the kids food, we only had one young one she was 5 and I thought the lasagna would be ok for her but she wasn't a big fan. Everyone else loved the food tho and there are some very disconcerning pallets in our group.
  2. Thanks, When we were there the tubes were still there as well. Lazy river was definitely a highlight even my 80 year old grandpa went on it and had a blast.
  3. I thought I had made the same mistake by taking the Air Transat package but it all will be beautiful.. All our guests booked through the travel agent, we needed at least 10 people for the Euphora package to get the wedding pricing ect. So I would just check with your travel agent of view their brochure online. As for Gonzalo, we had him for 10 hours wedding day and 6 hours for trash the dress http://www.gonzalonunez.com/blog/ here is a link to his blog, and contact info. He gets back to you really quickly and is very helpful. Here's a couple shots from the preview he gave us. I am very excited to see the final product. All in all truly don't worry your day will be perfect. I promise.
  4. The hotel was fine with us having the Euphoria package, actually the girls there are wonderful. You will get a package closer to the date that outlines exactly what is extra or included with you package. We paid for: Corsages for the ladies, my mom, my grandma and step mom The Mexican Trio that we had for the ceremony The boquets for the bridesmaids The flowers on the gazebo are extra altho we got them included because they mis quoted us. We paid to have the italian restaurant to ourselves from 6-10pm The photos were included I think 24 if you wanted extras you had to pay, we brought in our own photographer and managed to get away without paying the penalty fee. The spa is very good I had both my hair and make-up done there and it was fantastic. Very time consuming tho. The package they send you closer to the date is very informative as are the wedding coordinators. It doesn't feel like it but it all comes together in the end and it will be a wonderful day. The one thing that is really great is they are very concerned witih keeping people away from the site of the wedding so there were no noticeable watchers.
  5. We used Gonzalo Nunez http://www.gonzalonunez.com/blog/ his prices were more than reasonable for photos and the previews he has sent us are wonderful. We are still waiting on all the pictures as he takes 30-60 days to have them ready. As for video we a family member kindly took it for us so it is nothing over the top special, but it is the ceremony as it was and it is wonderful to watch. Like Melaina says, it will all work out not to worry, the ladies there deal with weddings all day every day and they are good at what they do.
  6. Hi all. We were married in November, and I was very concerned with photography as you never hear any good things about the resort photographers. I did some research and got some pricing and we used Gonzalo Nunez his price was more than reasonable for what he was offering ~10 hours for wedding day and then 5 hours I think the next day for TTD. We did some emailing back and forth and he was always very quick to respond. He was so friendly and so funny. He came to the resort promptly when he said he would and got started right away. Wedding day came and went and then there was TTD. He took us to three different locations and even took us for tacos at a roadside taco stand and they were the best tacos ever. He just sent a preview of the photos he took and I am so very impressed. So far they are amazing. I would highly recommend Gonzalo. Here is his blog. http://www.gonzalonunez.com/blog/
  7. Oh the only thing I really regret is we totally forgot to take off our wrist bands until AFTER the ceremony. So we have lovely blue bands on I had mine turned to white at least but still ..
  8. Ok so now on to wedding day. It rained in the morning but thankfully stopped that was a little stressful as they want you to make a decision 4 hours before the ceremony whether or not to take shelter. It didn't come to that for us. Wedding day was pretty easy. I went to the spa at 11:30 for hair and make-up and Rob met our photographer at noon, got him a wrist band and showed him to the spa. The woman who did my hair was amazing. She was very meticulous and took her time and it was worth it. I didn't take any photos but she had magazines there to look through and my make up was fantastic, I took my own false eyelashes and she put them on perfectly, she uses MAC cosmetics as well as a few other brands. The only complaint is that my flowers were late and so there wasn't one for my hair at the spa and by the time they arrived we couldn't put them in my hair as the lilly was huge and just didn't look right. The ceremony was supposed to start at 3pm but didn't actually start until probably 3:30 after the flowers arrived and they got everyone shuttled to the spot ect. The spot was beautiful. The flowers were beautiful everything I wanted. The mexican trio was playing softer songs for the guests and the wedding party down the isle. My aunt actually thought they played some Beethoven. They were definitely a nice touch and everyone enjoyed their presence. We had a symbolic ceremony so there was no legalities in Mexico. The ceremony was lovely except that the minister messed up Rob's name and called him by my last name so we had to correct her and it was even mispelled on the certificate which you can see in the pictures. They did send us a correct one a couple days later. The resort photographer was there even though I had requested them not to be but she stayed out of our pro photographer pretty good I think. There were appetizers and champagne after and the Mexican Trio played a few party songs and we had pictures done. Pictures had to be done fast as the sun goes down pretty quick so we hurried around the beach area getting family photos ect. Then everyone headed back to the lounge to wait for the italian restaurant to open at 6pm. We stuck around and had bridal party photos taken. We then walked to the lounge as the shuttle was gone and it wasn't a big deal to me, I actually enjoyed walking through the resort looking like a princess. The italian restaurant was amazing. The food was amazing, the service was unbelievable. We had an extra spot for the Photographer so maybe they thought he was a guest I have no idea. We had a problem with the projector for our slide show but Cecilia got someone to fix it right away and they didn't bring the cake server but again she went and got it right away. I can't say enough about the servers that night they were amazing. Alejandro was our maitre'd and he was awesome, there was a fellow who was quite the entertainer and brought trays of shooters out on his head. Every time I got up when I came back someone pulled out my chair. We had the lasagna and it was amazing. Even the pickiest eaters in our guest list couldn't complain about anything there. The wedding cake was beautiful but we were all too full to actually eat all of it so I advise getting a smaller cake, we had a 3 tier and it was way too much. The four hours goes by very quick and we had a very simple affair so there was just a couple hours to dance but by the end we were exhausted. I am so happy I got an out side photographer. Gonzalo Nunez is his name. I haven't seen our pictures yet but after picking the ones from the resort I just know his will be amazing. THe resort photog had some really nice shots but some of them the cropping and positioning was just off. We did find 25 so that was good but once again they were nothing fantastic. Over all it was an amazing day and I wouldn't have done it any other way. If anyone has any questions let me know. I will try to upload some photos.
  9. I did see them setting things up by the snack bar on the beach as well as in the snack bar we saw a reception. To be quite honest they both looked private. I mean by the time you have your reception it is dark and every one is off eating or in the lounge so it's not like they will be trying to join you.
  10. Ok so I will start with check in. Rob and I went a week early so our check in was a breeze, but the groups check in was a nightmare. I don't know if it was Air Transat fault, our TA's fault or the resorts fault but they had Robs 11 year old daughter with her own room, my sister had 5 rooms, my mom had no room and the list goes on but we did get it sorted out and everyone wound up getting a room. It just took longer than it should have and after spending over an hour on the bus that is the last thing you want. The resort itself is alright, it is clean but a little to contemporary for me. The beds are terrible, the king we had the first week was hard and the double we had when our daughter came was soft. The first room we couldn't get face clothes on a daily basis and the second room the a/c wasn't the greatest. We tried to keep the king room and just have a cot brought up for our daughter as the hide-a-bed was not fit for sleeping on but they said they couldn't do that so we switched rooms but on our way to the other room we saw a single bed in the hallway. But it worked out better anyway as we were closer to the rest of our group. The service was good. Breakfast alot of the time had no spoons to stir the coffee but it was a pretty busy place so you just roll with it. We had our meeting with the wedding coordinator, we met with Cecilia and Pamela both were great, I did take my emails but didn't need them because Aracely did remember the issues we discussed. We are a pretty laid back couple so we had no huge demands and didn't do anything about having favors or anything like that. We did want the Mexican Trio to play at the ceremony and this seemed to confuse them a bit but it all worked out. We went over flowers and all the little extras that add up and then went upstairs to pay. They did come get my dress to get steamed in Playa and it hung in the wc office until the day of the wedding. Not once was photography mentioned and I didn't bring it up. Let sleeping dogs lie right. We went to the Italian, Cajun and Japanese and French for our ala carte choices in the first week. The French and Japanese are longer meals so be prepared to sit and relax. They were all good but we did have later seat times. We went to the spa for our massage and water circuit treatment. I must say the massage was great both of us really enjoyed it, the water circuit however was freezing, you got used to it but it was cold but free with the massage so we did it anyhow. I didn't bother with a hair and make-up trial as I didn't want to waste valuble vacation time. Overall our first week was fantastic, very relaxing and enjoyable. I will post more about the wedding later as I know that's whats important on here.
  11. I just came back and had my wedding on the beach. It is very private. People can watch from the water but the wedding coordinators are very strict about not letting anyone on the beach. There is a path you actually have to walk down to get on it. We were very happy with the location. Also I hired an outside photographer and did not have to pay the $300.00 not sure why but it never even came up in conversation and I didn't ask. I will post a review in a couple days, just got back Sunday and am getting into the swing of things.
  12. I think technically you should be ok then as they are staying at the resort over night Could ultimately be a 'guest' .
  13. Wow everything looks amazing Looks like it couldn't have been anymore beautiful. We are not using the resort photographer either, I am having one come in. I have a question for you though. Did you have to pay a fee because you didn't use them? I was told we have to pay $300.00 for not using the resort photographers, even if we use them for the pictures that are included in the package we bought through the travel agency. I am thinking if we don't bother talking to them maybe they will 'forget' about the $300.00 penalty fee. Once again your pictures are amazing and I am a bit less panicky about the weather taking a turn, especially since hurricane Rina has been downgraded to a tropical storm. Did you have the lasagna for your meal? How long did you have the restaurant for? I think we have it from 6-10 and then will head over to the disco if everyone so desires. Thanks again for the pictures I am so much more excited now.
  14. So wonderful to hear your review. We leave on November 6th to get married on November 15. I am a little panicky about the weather right now but our reception is in the Italian restaurant. We are doing a symbolic ceremony as well so it is nice to hear that that was wonderful as well as hair and make up ect. Pictures would be lovely as well if you don't mind.
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