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  1. Thank you so MUCH!! Everyone for your compliments!! I found this invitation at invitations4less.com. I got a really good deal on them! Hope this helps!!!! 15 days til the wedding!!!
  2. HEY fellow 10-10-10!!! Â It seems we all have the SAME exact dilemmas when it comes to RSVPs. I mean SERIOUSLY its a frickin WEDDING!!! Don't people know how IMPORTANT it is and how many DEADLINES there are. GEEZ!!!!! Even PEOPLE who've been MARRIED before, u'd think they'd sympathize with you!!!! but NOOOOOOO!!! SO frustrating... SOrry guys just wanted to vent.... But anyhooo... not stressing about that!! That's what invitations are for--to let people know =and to get a response,, there's already a stamp and its addressed, just check a box, lick and drop in the mail box--I guess that's very hard to do!!! Go figure!! I am NOT going to chase people to email them, call them, etc, if they didn't RSVP, they're not going. I'm not stressing. If they decide to go, guess what??? They're not getting an OOT bag and I"M picking their meal for them!! And I'm going to pcik the complete Opposite of what they would want. Because seriously people NEED to learn their LESSONS.. Â Anyway, I have a QUESTION??? For the brides who are doing their civil wedding in the STATES, do you know if we need to do it BEFORE the mExican Wedding or can we do it AFTER??? Thanks....
  3. RunningBride: Â You look so fit and lean in your photo right now, I can't believe you still want to lose more weight! Thanks so much for all of your advices, it is really helping out. I'm trying to do the 2-a-days with weights in the morning and cardio at night but something always seem to come up and I end up not having enough time at night. I need to lose 5 lbs by Sept. 9th! Thank you for all the tips!!!! SO hard to be a bride!!!!
  4. Â I'd love some advice. I am getting married 10.10.10 so exactly 60 days from now. I've started P90x and I'm in second month, so far, I feel more fit but I really need to lose more weight. My problem area is my stomach. My bachelorette party is in Miami and it is starting Sept. 9 so I only have 1 month to get flatter abs. Please help!!!!! I'm trying to do 2-a-days....
  5. THANK YOU very much ladies for all of your input!!!! We've been getting so much compliments from them from all of our guests!!! I appreciate all of your comments. But every single bride in this forum have just as fabulous ideas!!! Happy Planning!!! 60 days til i'm a MRS!!!!!!......
  6. Hey Everyone! So I finally got a chance to have down time from planning and share with you my invitations. So my fiance and I (or ME, I should say) are still deciding on our theme, Vintage, Airplane, so we combined it and we are doing a "Come Fly With Me..." Theme! For our Save the Dates, we did a Magnet from Magnetstreet.com, we ended up doing a photo of the fiance and I while on a trip in Puerto Vallarta on the beach with a Mexican TRIO serenading us, the info on the magnet was on an airplance boarding pass: Here it is! The Barcode to the left states: 10-10-2010 So for our Wedding Invitations, we wanted to keep the same boarding pass theme but we didn't want to do the typical boarding passes that I've been seeing everywhere. we wanted a Vintage feel and yet still elegant that it still resembles a Wedding Invitation!---After much research and contemplating on doing it ourselves or getting someone to do our invitations, I found this invite and we were SOLD! It has a VINTAGE feel, still looks like boarding passess, very ELEGANT, and it has an OLD WORLD MAP all throughout it, I have not seen anything like it yet so we LOVED IT! We then incorporated the "Come Fly with Me... To Mexico..." theme! Front of Invite, FOLDED UP: Then here it is, you have to pull out the airplane: UNFOLDED: With our Clear Vellum Wedding Party Entourage: For the RSVP card, its the one in the middle, it comes out and guests mail it back, it has like a postcard style to it. I incorporated Spanish words into the Invites to make it Fun and personable!!! Not sure if you guys can see it but: It says Por Favor at the top. Then for our Welcome Fiesta I have guests replying with Si or No! Then for the actual wedding they reply with I DO or I DON'T HOPE you guys like it!
  7. Hi fellow p90xers! This forum is awesome, everythings on here! So My fiance and I are also doing p90x, we are on phase or month 2, (It goes by VERY Fast) don't worry! We didn't really follow a diet but just ate healthier and we weren't very strict to follow the days during the 1st month but month #2, (we are BRINGING IT) at least I am because my bachelorette party is in 1 month so I gotta get bikini ready! I am definitely seeing changes and definition to my body, I can't wait, Are we posting after pictures here??? Just wondering what other people's results are!!! It can help motivate!!!
  8. Hello, I just booked LaMATA band and I'm very excited. I haven't seen any reviews on them but I'll be sure to post it after my wedding. I'm getting married 10/10/10!!! From their samples and videos they sound amazing. They're the band that play at Senor Frog so they have to be good!!!
  9. Eunice, These invitations are beautiful!!! WOW, can't believe you made these!! I noticed you wrote "Sumali sa amin" that's TAGALOG!! I'm filipino! Are you also? Did you just send these invites out??? I saw your RSVP date is by Aug.10. I did the same thing, I sent my invites out 2 weeks ago and my RSVP date is Aug 7th!!! COngrats!!! I'll post mine too when I scan them!
  10. Hi Everyone! So I am looking for a nice place to have a rehearsal dinner. I want it to be directly on the beach, like one big long family table but on the beach. Anybody know of any place that fits this description? With GOOD food please and somewhat not to crowded? My wedding planner suggested Indigo Beach club but haven't got much reviews about it, its fairly new. I was thinking if there are any restaurants that are oceanfront that have their tables right on the beach? Thanks for everyone's help!
  11. OK, thank you for the info. We have a couple of people in mind. for us its just the pricing and quality that we are looking for. Because we are spending a lot of money already for our photographer so I don't want to spend too much. But man, we started our budget at $10,000 but we are clearly way past that. This is getting so expensive!!!! Thanks for all the responses.
  12. Hello EVERYONE!!! Thought I'd say hi! I'm also a fellow October Bride. 10-10-10 to be exact. We are getting married in Playa del Carmen. We are having our ceremony at an old Catholic Church and then the reception is at Wicky's Beach Club! I am So EXCITED!! I can't believe it is less than 3 months away--It's going to fly by so fast!!! Are most of you girls done with the planning I still have so much more to do!!! COngratulations to everyone and happy planning for the last stretch!!!
  13. I'm getting married on a SUnday! 10-10-10to be exact. But I'm having a religious Catholic ceremony and we're doing a private beach club for a reception and not a resort.
  14. Hi, just wanted to say, we are getting married OCt. 10,2010 yes 10-10-10!!! Don't worry about it-- if you feel it in your heart then go for it---by that time: you'll be so excited just to marry your friend--you'll probably do it in the rain and that could make history!!! Go fot it! Congratulations!
  15. Hi, who did you end up using as your videographer? We already have our photographer so we don't want to spend so much on a videographer? Just someone decent to get the job done. Thanks.
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