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  1. AWwh, you guys are awesome and it's so true! MS Factor, you are so right on when you said about thinking people are you friends. I had a hard time picking my wedding party because I have friends that are friends from the past that I love, but our friendships are SO different now... and then I got burned by them!! Oh well lesson learned, and you are So right, it's about him and mee, and that's all that's important!! Best wishes to all of you!!
  2. Oh how terrible for you. I'm so sorry this is happening for you. I know how it feels, less than 2 weeks before my wedding, one of my bridesmaids pulled out It's so painful and you wonder how you will ever forgive them... It would have been fine if it wasn't so close, but when it's closer you probably have stuff planned including them. I'm so sorry and I'm sending you lots of love, and as everyone has told me, the day is about you and him, and everyone else is icing on the cake!! Best wishes!
  3. I'm getting married at the RIU Emerald bay on the 15th!!!!!!!! YAY!!
  4. wooo hooo!! happy wedding day (SOON!!) I'm getting so excited so I'm guessing you are too!!!!!!!!
  5. Hey! I haven't been able to find anything either, but we are getting married there in a few weeks... I have lots of info on the planning part though. send me an email and I'll keep you posted!!! My email is my user name!!
  6. I'm getting married at the Riu Mazatlan... which package are you doing? I would LOVE hear from you, as to how the wedding package turns out! ! Congrats!
  7. Thanks Beach Bride!! We had a hard time deciding between Cabo and Mazatlan... I've been to both and love both!! But Cabo was a bit more $$ (and our prices are already higher than hoped for!! Hope your wedding is amazing!! only 2 months to go!?!?!
  8. Mischaka, Thanks!! What is your date? We don't have an official date yet, but we're working on it!
  9. Hey girls! I'm getting married at the RIU Emerald Bay in Feb 2011... would love to hear of other experiences there, I haven't found any info yet!!
  10. Hey guys, I am getting married at the Riu Emerald Bay in Mazaltlan Feb 2011... Any tips suggestions or anyone who has gotten married there yet??!!? xo
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