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  1. The dress has been worn once and is in perfect condition. No flaws, no stains, etc. The dress has been drycleaned and is ready to ship. The only alterations were to the hemline and a hook was added to bustle it. The dress is a street size 4-6. I am a 34b and the dress is still a little big on me up top;) The dress was hemmed for me to wear 1 inch shoes and I am 5'5" barefoot. This dress is simple and classic and made from dupioni silk so its lightweight. It has a slight sweetheart neckline and a very flattering dropwaist. Feel free to message me with questions or more photos. Â ASKING PRIC
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by dianep they will put up the huppah (or a metal white arch, i believe) and decorate it with white fabric. they have white chairs and white chair covers and sashes. my ceremony was in the evening, so they also set up tiki torches (decorations not included). the pictures in the gallery section of the resort website are great indications of what they will provide. i just had my ceremony on the 15th. i brought some of my own decorations, including colored fabric for the huppah, chair sashes, flowers for the tiki torches, etc. they sky is the limit for what you
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by mykidsmomtx Our wedding is at the Gran Caribe Cancun, but the basics are still the same for all REAL Resorts. First, if you are going to have 75 guests, you might qualify for the "free" wedding, then you can add on the amenities you want. I think you need 30 rooms to get the "free" wedding. If you pick a package, then you pay the package fee + minister/priest/etc + any add ons. Depending on what you want, you don't necessarily need to pick the package that more closely matches your guest count. For example, we will have approx 35 guests but we
  4. Hey ladies! i need your help please. Ive got a few questions: I have read that a number of you have opted to do a cheaper wedding package like the classic or the eternal romance then just added on from there. I am highly considering this also b/c when i look at the luxury package it has alot of things we really dont need. So the a la carte list I have is pretty basic. Can any of you PM me with a complete a la carte wedding list with all the fees? For example, if we decide to go with the eternal package it incl. a semi private reception for up to 30 guests, if we upgrade to a private
  5. Hello!! So, i absolutely love elizabeth medina's style but I almost fell over when i received her package prices!! So my question for all of you.... Is it really over a thousand bucks for any good photog?? Any of the great reccomendations I have seen are super pricey. Is there any reccomendations for a photog in Playa del carmen that is on the cheaper side but still good or is that just not possible. i apologize in advance as i know this may be a stupid question but we really dont have an extra thousand plus bucks to spend but I dont want to regret it if I get crappy pics:)
  6. Okay for those of you on here that have your dates confirmed, can you please enlighten me how that process worked out for you?? I cant seem to get one nailed down and its getting a little ridiculous just for the Michigan office to follow up on their promises. First i was told that the oct. date that i wanted was totally open according to their sheet, so i was sent all the paperwork incl. booking sheet, credit authorization etc..I filled it out and sent it right back and was told the date will be confirmed with the resort by the next day. Waited and waited to no avail. I called the office and w
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Lady_Di This is a thorn in the side! Ugh. My TA will be helping me with any necessary paperwork for The Royal because her agency has permission to work with The Royal. She told me that someone will get back to me eventually and if not, her agency will take care of it. Ladies, if you do not have a TA, this is a perfect situation where you definitely need a TA! Hi, I live here in Houston and I am in the very early stages of planning. Everyone keeps suggesting a TA. If you are happy with yours, I would love to find someone locally here in Houston. Would y
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by sunitam Hi, Ill try to help you with some of your questions too.. I would also look into getting a travel agent. they can get you group rate quotes from different airlines. I had a group of 22 at my wedding and tried getting a travel agent but the group rate she was quoted was really expensive so in the end, most of my group booked through Orbitz and a couple others with Expedia and Westjet. Check different websites and see what the prices are like before you book. Another option you have is getting a discount rate from Dreams. If you call or email t
  9. Wow, lets hope that the day pass fee could be waived, ouch. I guess this is the "fun" of planing a destination wedding. Chances are Im making a mountain out of a molehill, ha!! Out of 50 people invited that may or may not come, there is only the concern of kids for my immediate family which will want to come and who I will want to come and this alone will determine my venue b/c correct me if im wrong but it seems that all of the adults only resorts will not allow kids in even for the wedding. I have heard faboulous things about dreams but I dont want to choose it b/c they allow kids and find o
  10. Thanks Lindsey for the info. Never really thought about using a travel agent but will def. look into that. I cant believe they will have to purchase 2 rooms, any idea what that is costing them per night for each room?
  11. Ladies!!! Help is needed please!!! I have been reading this forum for days and I have several questions. We are considering a Dreams Cancun wedding: 1) when i go to there website i wanted to see what a room rate would cost just as a hypothetical for my brother, his wife and their 3 kids all under the age of 10. it will not let me even select a room b/c it says I have exceeded the max. occupancy of 4 people per room. so then I went to expedia to try to book a hypothetical package deal and the same thing happened. Even if I were to leave off the 4 year old from the count for the room, they w
  12. Hello everyone, my name is Toby, female:) Just discovered this site and seems to be very helpful. We are in the very early stages of planning a Cancun 2010 wedding. look forward to hearing from you!!!
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