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  1. Hi Cortney ~ Yes I guess I could spend more time & research that. I did try and check, but could not tell because the connecting flights made it confusing. Could have done a little more research I guess, but thought somebody might know off hand. I've been hours on here just trying to read all the forum info on individual resorts and was just trying to save some time. Thanks for your reply : )
  2. Lol ~ I'm in the same boat you are but we're running out of time & need to decide. I think we've decided on PV, but wondering the pros and cons of other AI resorts. Also, I keep getting 50 to 60 % off specials from travel sites & it's starting to get confusing on where to get the biggest bang for the buck for everybody. I've spent hours researching, but I have a son that's starting to resent me spending more time on the computer then with him. I might have to move our wedding into 2011 which stinks because it's even harder to find pricing info. It's tough to just ask on here sometimes, because some people are offended that I didn't "search" for the answer. Oh well ~ good luck! : )
  3. Hi everybody ~ We're still considering Dreams Puerta Vallarta for our Dec. wedding, and I KNOW we need to make a final decision. Does anybody know off hand the difference in flight times from Puerta Vallarta & Cancun from Seattle? We're trying to make this affordable & convenient for our guests. Thanks a bunch! : )
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by cjb0arder13 Hey Sunshine! Welcome and congrats! Where in Washington are you from? I live in Marysville I swear, every time I think I've found "the" place, I hear something about it that makes me change my mind, or it's too expensive, or...you get the picture. I'm hoping to have prices next week, and I think I'll make my decision at that point *hopefully* and stick to it Hi in Marysville : ) Im in the Gig Harbor area. I've been off here for about a week or so out of town, but now I'm back to my search. This is soooo frustrating! Talk to you soon! : )
  5. Hi ladies! I think I'm going to be a 2011 bride, so thought I'd join in. I was considering Dec. 2010, but it doesn't look like it will work out ~ so we're leaning toward January. I'm considering Dreams, but we're not booked yet, so I am taking some time to research other options. Your ideas & opinions on different All Inc WD in PV would be great! Thanks : )
  6. Welcome : ) In your invites let them know that it is "your hope" that all guests will lodge together so it will be easier to plan events. : )
  7. Hi & Welcome : ) I had considered Cancun, but thought PV was cheaper & closer to Wa. state. Looks gorgeous though. : )
  8. Hi Stacee ~ Welcome, I'm new too. What made you choose Moon Palace?
  9. Welcome ~ We're at about the same place with all of this. Thanks heavens for this forum!!
  10. Hi! Have you tried just coming to the conclusion that you'll TRY and make it affordable & convenient for everybody, but in the long run ~ it's your day. Make a decision that makes YOU happy ~ you only have this one day thats "YOURS", and stick to it! Let everybody know that you would LOVE them to come, but understand if they can't. JMOO ~ Goodluck! : )
  11. Yes ~ this forum is a godsend & SOOOO much fun! I'm a newbi too ~ welcome! : )
  12. Thanks for the welcome everybody & thanks for the advise! I am finding that between Christmas & New Years is more $$$, so I am now researching later in January. I'll let everybody know. Also, (JenDen I think?), I have not received a reply back from the wedding coordinator either, but it's only been a couple of days. From what I understand from this forum, this is ~ although frustrating, normal. I'll let you know when I hear. : )
  13. Amazing Nikki ~ I am truly inspired!! Thanks for sharing......by the way, are you for hire? lolol
  14. Hi everybody : ) I've been a "lurker" on this board for quite some time & now I'm proudly a member. So happy to be here! : ) I've been engaged since June 2009, and I am finally commiting to the search for the "perfect" wedding destination ~ lol. Our original plan was to go to Hawaii and get married, but most of our family and friends could not afford that. So....we are looking for an all inclusive resort thats affordable from Washington State. We think we will have appx. 20 people. This of course, brought me to Dreams PV, mainly because of the cost, and the short flight time. Also, we'd like someplace very warm with that tropical feel. I have December 2010 in mind & my hope was to go between Xmas & Nyears, but I'm thinking this might be a lot more money & booking a few weeks sooner or later might save us a bundle & make it easier on others going as well. I just received an email from Vacations to Go with a special for Pueblo Bonito, which is on AI in the PV area I had not heard of. I'm starting my research on that & I also really like the sounds of Vallarta Palace, but have not researched prices yet to compare it to Dreams. Anyways, just wanted to introduce myself & say Hello! : )
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