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  1. Cborsa - "Just Breathe"! I know it can be very stressful when you don't get any replies from the coordinators. But, my wedding is this coming Monday and I have not heard back from Tania in a week!! Honestly, I was a little stressed but I figure it will all run smoothly.....I just don't want to stress out about the small stuff! Hang in there!!! Oh, I am using the photographer that Dreams uses with their wedding packages, so I will let you know how it goes when I return!!! Don't hesitate to ask any other questions of me!! I know how stressful planning things over email can be I
  2. SIMPLENSWEET - We arrive on the 19th, so we will miss your wedding.....but, I will look for you guys there!!!!! Maybe we can share a cocktail
  3. Ladies - I am getting married at Dreams on 11/22....so believe me when I found out Rebeca was no longer at Dreams I got kinda nervous. I just got an email today from the Sales Manager at Dreams informing me of Rebeca's decision to leave Dreams. Tania will be now coordinating the weddings.......I have contacted her and she is wonderful just VERY busy!!!! If any of you need to contact Tania, her email is groups.drepv@dreamsresorts.com. It takes her a couple of days, but she does respond!!! HOpe this helps. Good luck everyone! I still can't believe I am flying out next
  4. TvlAgentLia - For every person you have over the 20 person limit it is $65 ($25 for the cocktail hour & $40 for the dinner)
  5. Chicago........ I actually have an extra room in my "blocked rooms".......email me: jeweisha@hotmail.com
  6. MissJacks, Rebeca told me that there can be up to 2 weddings per day at the location. When you reserve a day she will have you fill out a form regarding time of day (the choices she sent me were 4, 5, 6, or 7) and then in addition to choosing time of day, you pick location. SO, hope this helps!! Everything is pretty much on first come, first serve basis! JEN
  7. Thanks for the info Sarah! Was kinda wondering about seating arrangements....thought maybe we would have our own "sweetheart" table too! Glad to hear that is what you did! I know the food will be good....it is just wierd picking food without tasting it first!! Enjoy your trip back there!!! I am getting more exciting everyday for November to roll around JEN
  8. I love seeing all the great dresses....I am going dress shopping next weekend as my mom is flying into town! Yippee!!
  9. Hello Ladies! I am getting Married at DREAMS PV on 11.22.10 Quick question, does anyone have any recommendations or comments about the food choices? Not only for reception dinner but also for cocktail hour? Any input would be GREAT!! Thanks
  10. Hello! Question for ya'll.....I have booked my wedding for November 22, 2010 @ Dreams Puerto Vallarta. I have been talking with a TA (also an acquaintance of mine)...she assured me that she would 'handle' all the travel arrangement for me. To make a VERY LONG story short......she is not getting in touch with the booking agent at the resort as I expected and as she told me and then she tells me that my guests will have to call the hotel booking agent to reserve their rooms once we "hold" rooms at the resort. Uugghh.....!! I just want to make it very easy on my guests...I have guests coming from
  11. I would love to see some pis from Si Senor...if you have any? I am trying to find a good restaurant to host the reception dinner for our NOvember 2010 wedding! Any help would be very much apprecited!!! Thanks!!
  12. Hello all! Well, I have FINALLY narrowed down my destination search for our weddding in Nov. 2010. Does anyone have any information (PLEASE!) and suggestions on the following resorts......I can't seem choose!! 1) Dreams PV 2) Vellas Vallarta 3) Barcelo La Jolla de Mismaloya I originally was set on Dreams, but since then I am getting nervous because of some of the reviews about the lack of organization of the wedding coord. Rebeca at the resort! ANd, to be honest......I don't want to be stressed out on my weddnig day!!! I want a coord. to have things under control!! Please
  13. Thanks for yoru thread! LOVED the pics! I am seriously thinking about going to this resort for our wedding in Nov. or Dec. 2010.....did you and your guests just pretty much stay at the resort the entire time??....like for rehearsal dinner and such??
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