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  1. Leslie, I'm so genuinely sorry to hear about what you are going through. You're a beautiful woman - stay strong, and remember to be true to yourself.
  2. There are so many positive ladies in this forum! Thank you to everyone for your posts. It's nice to know that none of us is alone in the difficulties we may be facing
  3. Hey Angela... I read somewhere that White Toronto was having a trunk show, and Two Birds was a part of it, but that was earlier in the month. (Found the link! Last mention under Fashion: Sales roundup: 60 per cent off at Jacflash, Canopy Blue, Holt Renfrew, Fluevog, Robber and more | Good Stuff Cheap | torontolife.com ) If that was it, it's too bad they didn't get back to you in time! Hopefully the issues you're having get resolved SOON.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Boo We started off with Creative Weddings and Occasions, the lady there Kathy was sweet enough but very slow in responding and has not had a heck of allot of experience. At the end of the day I just ended up finding the answers before she got back to me so we ended up going our seperate ways. This is EXACTLY the experience I had, although with a different company. If I'm going to refer my guests to a travel co-ordinator, they really should be organized and at least timely with responses. To be fair, the TA I was trying to work with was not located in Calgary. Does that make a difference?
  5. I am in McKenzie Towne as well! The commute is really long since I work way up in the N.E... it would definitely be nice to just have one big C-Train line running everywhere. Kris, have a wonderful time! That is so exciting
  6. Okay, I just read through this entire thread, and WOW. What is it about weddings in general that can turn some of your closest friends and relatives into nit-picky jerks? I haven't heard anything negative about our DW itself... but I have had questions that were difficult to take with a grain of salt. Mostly "So you're just wearing a sundress to get married in, right?" or people assuming that the wedding is less significant/important than an at-home wedding would be. The sundress thing bugs me the most. Next person to ask that gets told that we are having a BIKINI wedding, lol.
  7. Thanks so much for the warm welcome, everyone! This board has been SUCH a huge help already. Mercy - I HAVE noticed a serious delay in replies, it's not just you! Usually with the vendors in Mexico I have let it slide, as response times are a little slower when you're working on "island time." I'm confident after reading other brides' reviews of my resort that the details will be ironed out within a few months of my arrival, but mostly the week of the actual wedding. If you have serious questions, though, it might be worth calling rather than sending an e-mail. With vendors located near me, there's no real excuse. If a quote is taking too long, I will send an e-mail asking when to expect it. And, if someone is too busy to even send a reply, then they are too busy to earn my business. Don't get me wrong - I'm not crazed or hardheaded. There's deadlines when you are planning a wedding though, so businesses need to work with that and address your concerns. Last but not least - congrats on your engagement Have you gotten very far into the planning stages yet?
  8. Wow. Miss a few days, miss SO MUCH info! Thanks for all the links and pricing for BD, ladies That was the one part of the Bridal Fair that caught my eye. Otherwise, yes the bridal fair was mostly disappointing. (Especially the solicitation calls I got from a vendor that I'm certain we didn't give any info to!) But it's something that everyone needs to see once!
  9. Thanks so much for the review, Maria! It's really helpful to know what to expect from a place I have never visited Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous, too!
  10. Thanks for sharing that; this might be EXACTLY what I have to do with my own mom (she lives far away as well). Looks like the easiest thing to do, is to wait and see if there is anybody who can't attend our DW at all, since we will still need two witnesses to the paperwork. Getting a little far ahead of ourselves I think... lol.
  11. Hi! I'm new to the forum as well...there sure are a lot of us Calgary girls:) From what I have heard... the January wedding shows here are supposedly the bigger and better ones as opposed to September, I guess because wedding season is over by then? I'm really debating going to this weekend's show simply because the things I would want to see (dresses, miscellanous stuff like veils) are probably going to be crazy busy, and few & far between. We'll see, though - chances are I will get curious and have to check it out! (As for careers, FI and I have never been in O&G, lol. He's in sales, and I'm at an I.T. company.)
  12. Wow. I can't believe that there are so many webpages out there started by people who have been ripped off... you'd think that Orbitz/Expedia would want to do something to change all that negative publicity. It's much easier to book directly with the airline, I find (Westjet in Canada has amazing fare sales every month or so), so I stopped using Expedia a few years back for flights. After reading this I will stay away from them altogether now!
  13. The other night FI and I realised just how much it would cost to get legally married in Mexico... with blood tests, translation of documents, etc, those costs really add up! So we're having a legal ceremony at home a few days before leaving for the Mexico wedding. It's very possible that everyone who declines our invitation to Mexico will be invited to watch the legal ceremony, and to a group dinner afterwards. That way everyone that we care about will have been in attendance for some part of our wedding(s). After reading everyone's posts about family/friend's reactions to finding out that a couple was already married before a DW, I'm a little concerned that some people might get mad that they didn't see the legal ceremony... It seems like keeping an at-home ceremony secret would be WAY too much stress, though!
  14. Hi everyone! My name is Ashley, and I'm getting married in October Since the planning has JUST begun, about the only thing I have done is contacted a travel agent for some resort quotes. She suggested Dreams Tulum and Gran Bahia Principe Tulum; FI and I are also interested in Grand Palladium. Anyone else in the planning stages at these resorts? I've found a ton of great reviews here for Dreams, but not so much on the other two.
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