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  1. Wendy!!! Have a wonderful wedding. Ladies, try not to stress about weather. The storm warning was completelly lifted this morning for Mexico so lets all hope for blue skies for our fellow October brides. Besides, our worrying will not change the weather. Remember how lucky you are to be marrying your best friend...rain or shine.... some people dont get the chance. I leave on Sunday and am so excited. To be honest, I can't wait to see my family at the airport. They are all coming in to where I live first then we are flying down together! I haven't seen them since Christmas last year. Yippee. Have a great day all.
  2. Angie, Good Luck! I have been crazy busy lately and haven't really posted but I hope everything works our great for you. The weather warning was completely lifted this morning so hopefully things turn around for you. I'm sure everything will be amazing. Remember how lucky you are to be marrying your best friend and it will no doubt be perfect. I know we miss each other but I leave on Sunday and I'll let you know how it goes. If you have any tips... feel free to share Happy wedding Angie!
  3. CJ, you look stunning!!! HI OCTOBER BRIDES!!! I have been living under a rock for a month. Trying to work my butt off so I can take some vacation time next weekend. BC here we come! So I have been reading a few of your posts and everyone seems really overwhelmed with stuff to do..... I think I'm missing something LOL I haven't been going crazy at all and that's whats worrying me. I have an "it'll all work out" attitude which might actually get me into trouble come October. WHat's everyone been busy doing?
  4. Angie, how was your site visit??? Did you post about it? I only looked back a couple pages but I want to find out what you thought!
  5. Hi Ladies! It's been so long... I have been going non-stop all summer and haven't even logged into BDW! It's all changed around... I think I like it! I only read back a couple of pages but it kinda sounds like some brides are worried about this new ownership change. I can't say that I have been completely stress free about it either but I think everything will work out in the end. And really, how much is there to plan. I started out going crazy " I need to do this, I need to do that" but really, they will do everything once you get there. The most important thing is that you will be marrying your best friend with all the people you love watching. I dont think anything could ruin that!
  6. Linds- I HATE NON-RSVPers! Grrr... I think people think that because they are paying for their own holiday that they can take their time to decide. They are under the misconception that DWs are min. planning wedding. That's what I thought! So not true! I will also have a drink to that tonight! hehe
  7. Breeze- that's good logic. Maybe more ppl will put down deposits if they know that only 10 are held. I'm pretty sure that Laurie actually owns Romantic Planet so you couldn't be in better hands I'm sure. Good Luck with everything. I dont know if you've already sent out STD or invites but I strongly suggest putting a rsvp by date on there. We didn't and now I don't really know my numbers. I do think that my ppl that are already booked and paid for are all that are coming but you never really know until the end. Also, just a suggestion ( I learned the hard way) but I wish I would have written somewhere that "if you are NOT planning on staying at our chosen resort, please note that day pass are $95/person" Just an idea. Wish someone would have gave me that tip 8 months ago!
  8. Thanks for the stuff Meghan! Glad the handoff went well...too bad we didn't get to meet. Oh well! Love everything
  9. Welcome back to the thread Nadine! I think the plan is now to try to meet on the last Thursday of the month. I missed the last one but hopefully I can make July.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by breeze616 Hi Ladies! I'm not a Calgary Bride, but I received a great quote from Romantic Planet for my wedding guests and have read back in this read about some of your dealings with them - its been super helpful! So what I got overall from it was they are great to deal with, but that I shouldn't put down deposits for my guests and just get my guests to put their own deposits down within a certain timeframe? How long did they give you to get the deposits? Thanks Nades for directing me here! I think it actually depends on the package you choose. The signature package gave me 7 days... hence, me panicking and putting down 20 deposits to hold the price for everyone. Also, just so you know, Signature WILL NOT deal with you directly if you are booking through a travel agent. I called to ask a question about their flights and they wouldn't even talk to me. I was screaming "BUT IM THE BRIDE" I think Air Canada Vacations quote was good for 4 weeks. By the time I finally sorted out Signature screw up and decided to go with AC, my guests only had 2 weeks to put down their own deposits. Everything worked out great that way. It sort of forced my guests to come up with a decison. Which I'm happy I did because I hear other brides complaining alot about their "undecided" guests. Also, Tara Hartman is amazing at romantic planet!
  11. That's a good idea Angie. I'll talk to the FI about that. Hopefully they all say they'll pay and problem solved.
  12. oh wow Glenny, that's amazing! I do love vistaprint. Makes me want to make a brochure too.... almost LOL just too much work.
  13. Angie, wish we would have thought of that earlier. Putting it on the website and invites. Now it's too late. I think I will call all 10 individually and appoligize profusely. I would personally be livid if someone told me I had to pay to get into their wedding (especially after paying for a trip to Mexico to go!) When you look at the big picture though, is it really fair for the bride/groom to pay for 10 ppl who decided to be difficult and stay elsewhere? Not looking forward to these phone calls I will have to make....
  14. This is incredible! Our photog just cancelled on us and this would have been a godsend! Too bad it's not 3 mos later... haha. Good Luck all you July Brides. This is an amazing opportunity!
  15. I ended up ordering mine from Oriental Trading Company as per a recommendation of another bride. They should come this week. I doubt they will be really great but honestly, I wasn't that concerned about the bag itself. If I didn't find anything, I was planning on throwing our logo sticker on a paperbag from Michaels and calling it a day. Still might do that if the OTC bags don't work out. Last year, I saw some great straw ones from Walmart for $2. It was September so they were discounted bigtime. I almost bought them all but then thought how crazy I looked since at that time, we didn't even decide on a DW. Shoulda bought them! Maybe they will have them again this year...
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