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  1. Wow... I cried during the slide show. Amazing pictures. You guys are super cute
  2. Funny how things happen! We are once again getting married in Cuba! Turns out my Photographer is actually Mexican and not American Whoooohooo! I am buying my tickets tomorrow for Paradisus Princesa Del Mar in January 2011. Only 4 months away... time flies...
  3. I have been to a wedding at paradisus Rio del Oro, it was great. Get them to do a beach wedding on the patio they have, it's by far the best location for a romantic dinner and AMAZING for pictures. I'm getting married at the Princesa del Mar only because I want to have an engagement shoot in Havana and Holguin is to far for my liking.
  4. Kim Ing Photography. Based out of Ottawa, if you check her blog or web site there is a wedding from Paradisus Playa del Oro in Holguin. She is an exceptionally trained photographer and very reasonable for the product she offers. You won't be disappointed. She was my Second choice to Jose Villa (Ranked top 10 wedding photographer of the world).... enough said there. But it comes down to person style at the end of the day. Ottawa Wedding Photographer-KIM ING Photography
  5. That good, i have been meaning to check that site out. I just wanted to make sure in case anyone else was encountering issues with the hotel.
  6. Have you guys been dealing directly with the Hotel? I was contected by Paradisus Wedding Co-ordinator in Toronto, her name is Teresa. She is FANTASTIC! She sent me everything I needed and we talked for about an hour on options etc... If you are having issues dealing directly with the hotel pm me and I can sent you Teresa's e-mail address. She answeres all of my questions regarding pricing, custom set ups etc... She also said that I can send her pictures of things I want (like flower arrangements or different decorations) and she will price them out. Also, if anyone is still looking for a wedding photographer check out Kim Ing Photography. She is fantastic.
  7. Hi everyone. I am trying to get some info regarding getting married at PRC. I have been looking at the chill out chic package but i'm wondering a few things. If anyone could answer it would be really appreciated: 1. Can the colours be changed? 2. Can you get a sit down dinner instead of a buffet? 3. Can you change the flowers especially for the bouquet? I e-mailed the co-ordinator but I have not heard back from her in a few days. Also, what is a OOT bag? Thanks
  8. Sorry, it's been a while since we logged on. I changed from Cuba because I hired an american Photographer and it was to complicated to get him over. Cartagena didn't work out to well either, now we are looking back in the Caribbean... Can't wait to finalize a location.
  9. OMG THANK YOU so much for this. It has been the biggest help ever.
  10. Change of Plans! We are now looking at Cartagena Colombia.... Oh boy... Change of location #3 I hope this is the last one. lol
  11. We were going to get married in DR...then Cuba and now we are looking at Cartagena. I personally have never been there but my parents were there last year and they loved it. I have found a few places online that do weddings. Are you looking for an all inclusive? or do you want something more intimate in the old city?
  12. Hi Everyone I'm a January 11th 2011 bride. We originally were going to get married at the Gran Bahia Cayo Levantado in Samana, DR in Nov of 2010...but... we visited the place and decided we would never go back...not to mention it was very rainy. We have not decided on Varadero, Cuba (Iberostar Varadero) I think.... I'm still working on the actual location. I have my dress and my wedding photographer but I just want to plan it all RIGHT NOW! I wish I could go down to the resort to check it out but we used our Research and Development trip on DR....good thing we did! Love this tread! Now I can vent about the wait to people who understand
  13. Hi Everyone! We are Darren and Catalina (Darcat, cheesy.... I know!) and we will be getting married in Cuba on the 11th of January 2011. We think that it will be at the Iberostar Varadero but we are still looking.
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