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  1. Ladies..... Sarah is AWSOME!!!! here work is amazing! I would highly recommend her. sarah did an awsome invite for us.
  2. you can skip it and make it a symbolic ceremony.
  3. I have seen the name ( DJ Doremixx) a few times on here. And have heard nothing but good things. But how do I get ahold of him? Ladies help me!!! I am getting married at Dreams Tulum.... Does anyone have any prior experience with him? Thank you!!!
  4. wow... great stuff ladies. I am stressing out my wedding is in less than a month and these are things that I haven't even thought about...... ohh no!
  5. Awsome review. Thanks for the tips. where did you get the DJ from?
  6. That is awsome.. but now you all have me thinking. I have our wedding set for 4pm but thinking of changing it to 6pm.. it is in like a month.. what do u all think.
  7. I like the box idea.. very cute.
  8. Thanks.... I am driving across country next week.. Think I might have to stop at a few Targets along the way. FI wont be happy.. oh'well
  9. very cute.. love it! Hook'em horns!!