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  1. Hi Everyone! Our story is pretty long (we've been together nearly 12 years) we got engage last June and have set a date for October 1st, 2011! Our wedding is going to be a Farmer's Market theme & we're having it in a barn! I recently entered our story into a contest to Win our Wedding Photography! If you would like to read it (and check out the poster I designed for our wedding and the video my brother made for us) you can check it out at Renaissance Studios Photography BIG Win Your Wedding Photography Contest 2011 | Ontario We're Heather & Mike: Barnyard Bliss If
  2. I'm a 2011 bride-to-be as well!! October 1, 2011!!! Yay 2011 brides!
  3. Light Gold Cassie - I think that's what you went with as well? I remember your pics, you looked gorgeous in your Chardonnay!!!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by aimee! BlackCherry: I LOVE that dress!!!! Thank you for posting a pic of the back, I've never seen alll of it before, and it's FAB! Thanks aimee! I am ALL ABOUT the back of this dress! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! ps. I bought the dress at Amandalinas in Vaughan, if anybody is thinking of dress shopping out that way, I highly recommend them! Make sure to ask for Rania, she's amazing!!!
  5. Unfortunately it's not on this week .... SUPER bummed about it! I think the new episodes start March 25th. I think they under-estimated how popular this show was going to be, and they have't had time to write, film & produce enough episodes for a full season.I think that's why they've taken two very LONG breaks. I highly recommend the books, they are just as addictive as the show! And don't worry about spoilers, the show has taken some liberties with the story line & characters, I don't really know where the show will go from here! ps. TEAM DAMON!!! (just had to say
  6. You're welcome! I'm on there everyday, it's such a cool site
  7. Thanks!!! I'm loving all the support ladies, thank you!
  8. Oh dear! Ok so ginormous flowers are OUT! I've seen some cool short hairstyles with headbands, even with feathers .. of course I have no idea where I saw them! Grrr Have you checked out Offbeat Bride | Wedding blog, advice, photo gallery, and links for alternative brides? There are lots of short-haired brides on there! (you just have to search for them)
  9. I LOVE Posh's hair! I bet I'd love yours too Have you been dress shopping yet? Most of the salons I've been to have had hair accessories you can try on, maybe that could help you decide what kind of accessory you'd like?
  10. I am also struggling with what to do with my hair .. currently it's past my shoulders, but I normally have short hair & am stumped about whether I should cut it or not. I've been saving pics of short hair styles, check them out, hopefully one will be helpful!!!
  11. Hi everyone! I FINALLY picked my dress and it's a Maggie!!!!! Here are some pics of it on me!
  12. ps. Here's the Custom Poster I designed for the contest (I'm the only bride that did)
  13. Yikes! I'm sorry to hear about all of this! I know it's no consolation, given you most likely won't have flowers, but make sure you file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau! Don't let them get away with being jerks .... and make sure you let everybody know about your experience! Post a review on Google too! Let us know if we can help by spreading the word! Sorry again to hear about all this stress right before your wedding ... BUT I agree that the flowers on the resort will be beautiful & your wedding is still going to be the best day!! Enjoy
  14. Really? Bummer! Did you click on the stars at all? It's not the most user-friendly website Thank you though! Try again if you want, but I appreciate the effort regardless!
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