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  1. Send me your email address and I can send you a few pictures I have here at work. I can also send you some of the charges we paid.
  2. We really did not get that many upgrades. We had to pay for an additional 59 people for the wedding, cocktail hour and welcome reception. That ended up being alot. We also had to pay the fee for not using their photographer (even though we used them as videographer). We got a cigar roller which was extra. Lilly did do an amazing job and all my guests said it was the best wedding they have ever been to. I emailed Lilly before going down and stated that I had 70 guests coming down and staying at the hotel, I was paying additional money on top of the 5000 for 59 of them to eat and I did not want my wedding reception inside with no scenery or windows. I stated I wanted my reception at the Mexican (a girl on here had told me they allowed her to do this). Lilly said okay.
  3. I got married at the Maya on 11/12/10. We decided not to do the chair upgrades as it was going to cost us an extra $800.00 (we had 70 guests). The chairs were covered with covers and bows during the ceremony and I think they were fine for the reception. /We had tables of 8 and 10.We opted to not have our reception at the Jumbalaya. It was very nice there (we had dinner there) but it was completely inside so they moved our private receiption to the Mexican Rest overlooking the pool. I would highly recommend that location if they give you the choice. It is all windows overlooking the pool and we had the little private balacony with tables where our guest could sit outside. We also had the highest package and I believe not including photographer and DJ with all the extras we ended up paying 8500.00 in total.
  4. We used DJ Bob. He is originally from New Jersey. We thought he was great. All 70 guests were dancing the entire time.
  5. Leann Belter Isabella dress for sale. Size 8. It was taken it a little on the top but I was told it can be taken back out. I am 5'4 and 115 pounds and it fit great. You can see the dress on the model at this link http://www.lea-annbelter.com/2008_collection_isabella.php or give me email address and I will send pictures of me in the dress. I paid 3500 for the dress. A few button caps have come off. I will get them fixed prior to shipping. I am asking 1200 for the dress.
  6. This situation sort of happened to me. I met one of my bridesmaids through my fiance. She was my fiance's best friends girlfriend. We all dated for around 4 years and did everything together. I became best friends with her. Fast forward to a year before my wedding, he was a groomsman and she was a bridesmaid in my wedding. They broke up. Pretty nasty break up... Anyway, she came to my wedding with her new boyfriend and he came solo.
  7. Hello everyone. I was just married (11/12/10) at Iberostar Maya. Lily was my wedding coordinator. She did an amazing job. I was a little nervous before going as she was not responding to all my emails promptly but everything worked out perfectly. We did the DREAM package and had the private reception at the Mexican Rest. by the pool. We had 69 guests and everyone had a great time. I believe we ended up paying around 3,000 more than the base price for package due to additional guests (over the included 10), the welcome cocktail party additional people, Mariachi Band, Cigar Roller and we upgraded to Presidential Suite for the 5 days we stayed at Maya (well worth it!).. We also hired the hotel videographer (who did an excellent job). We hired an outside photographer and did have to pay the 350.00 fee. We left the Maya after 5 days and spent 3 nights at Grand before going on our honeymoon at Secrets Maroma. The Grand was unbelievable and we plan on going back soon. If anyone has any questions, let me know.
  8. Today is my legal day also!!! We are getting married by my father's friend the Mayor in my parents kitchen ha ha
  9. Boo - What dates will you be at Secrets Maroma? I will be there on my honeymoon from 11/14-11/19. We are getting married at Iberostar and moving over to SMB for the honeymoon.
  10. I am getting legally married on 11/5, three days before I leave for Mexico for my wedding. I am going to try and not think of myself as "married" before the actual wedding of 11/12 but I know its going to be hard.
  11. I just had my bridal shower this past Saturday. My mother never gave me a choice in the matter! I was having one no matter what! Â I had a great time and very appreciative of all the people who came and gave gifts. Even though some people will not be at my Mexican wedding everyone who came to my shower will be at my AHR.
  12. Congrats! Â We are going to Secrets Maroma for our honeymoon. We are getting married at Iberostar down the road (not adults only) and then heading to Secrets for a week!! I can't wait!
  13. We are dancing to Leather and Lace by Stevie Nix.
  14. I sent out 110 save the dates. I am getting married 11/12/10. It was my experience that all the people that were actually going to come RSVP and booked right away. All of those who kept saying they were coming but not booking never booked. Maybe 5 people booked recently. Everyone else that is actually coming booked within a month of my mailing. I have 67 people booked and am happy with that number.
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